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Luscious lips to keep a smile on your face

By unknown | May 20, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MILE HIGH is a musical comedy review about a sassy and saucy stewardess, South Africa's favourite flight attendant, Cathy Specific.

MILE HIGH is a musical comedy review about a sassy and saucy stewardess, South Africa's favourite flight attendant, Cathy Specific.

Cathy, aka Brendan van Rhyn, insists that he is not a "drag" artist, he is a 1,9m female impersonator.

"If you want to know what goes on behind the galley curtains," taunts Cathy, "come to the show and find out."

A number of comedy vignettes expose the high flying world of air travel to an audience that has to keep seat belts fastened to stop them rolling in the aisles.

Cathy's coy observations of airline passengers make light of hours on end stuck next to strangers who are flatulent and wheezing - you either have to laugh or cry. Cathy prefers laughter.

As an air steward, van Rhyn learnt all about long flights, difficult passengers and not-so-private bodily functions. As Cathy Specific, the suited, coiffed and stilettoed "trolly dolly", van Rhyn gets to share all his hilarious secrets with us.

Van Rhyn admits to always being a drama queen.

"I love acting and I love flying. The show is a natural marriage of the two."

When it comes to Ms Specific, the sky is definitely not the limit. Her hilarious antics are supported by Ryan Flynn and Phumi Mncayi, the new face of the Lotto TV show.

In her tight, bright blue stewardess outfit, high heels and perfect make up, Cathy Specific is all the woman you need up in the clouds.

"Maralin Vanrenen is my co-writer and is also in the director's chair. She's done a brilliant job. It's imperative to see it twice so that you get the cleverness of each line."

"It's a satirical take on the airline industry, a revue that's as light and frothy as champagne, and just as addictive."

What's next for Cathy?

"I'd love to do a fabulously glamorous photo spread and perhaps even a cook book, Cathy's Galley Secrets. It has a good ring to it."

For now Cathy proves "that altitude plus attitude equals musical comedy gold".

To make sure she looks every bit the part, we asked her to test some quality brand lip glosses.

"The Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect goes on super smoothly and is rich and thick. Yes, this definitely works for me. It has a silky feel. I could get addicted."

The Model Co. Wonderfull Lip Plumper claims to increase the size of lips collagen-free. According to the box a light tingling sensation tells you your lips are on their way to be wonderfull.

"It smells gorgeously cinnamony. I love cinnamon, though I prefer it on a pancake. There's a great tingling sensation, like I've been kissed by a Greek god."

The Lancôme Color Fever Gloss has a cool feeling on the lips. "It's alright, not the best but I like the spongy feel of the applicator."

"Now the Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss is definitely for someone older than me who doesn't really want to be out there."

Last, Cathy tries the Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss. "This is lovely, definitely my favourite. It's funky and fresh and makes my lips feel deliciously thick and moisturised.

"I've always said I'm at my best in lip gloss and lashes with these legs that go for miles as an added extra. If you've got it, run with it doll. But remember, I'm here to save your ass ... not kiss it!"


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