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Rid soccer of grubbers

By unknown | 2010-04-29 00:00:00.0

WE are seething with anger at some of our so-called soccer officials. And so should you.

WE are seething with anger at some of our so-called soccer officials. And so should you.

This because revelations that the former SA Football Association executive agreed that some of their colleagues share 15 percent of the profit from the 2010 World Cup are as infuriating as they are shocking.

They say 10 percent will be for board members of the Local Organising Committee, five percent for the Safa NEC and only 5 percent for the Safa regions.

No shame. They see nothing wrong. Not giving the money to the people it is meant for does not shake them one bit.

Corporate governance decrees that elected officials of public bodies be paid honoraria.

After last year's outrage, when it became known that some of them got more than R15million each for "bringing the World Cup to our shores", they should never again have spoken about bonuses for themselves.

And they were wrong. The Madiba aura and the whole country made 2010 possible.

In 2008 five such individuals shared a bonus of about R200million between them after the R1,6billion TV deal with SuperSport and the R500million sponsorship for the premier league from Absa Bank.

We should remember the words of then president Nelson Mandela and his minister of finance Trevor Manuel on such deals.

Manuel said in a scathing attack: "Individuals are elected to the league's various committees to serve the interests of the sport, not in the expectation of acquiring personal fortunes."

He was spot on. Kick out these money-grubbers.