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KURT Schoonraad has just finished a successful run of his comedy show Spiders and Mayonnaise at The Fringe at the Joburg Theatre.

KURT Schoonraad has just finished a successful run of his comedy show Spiders and Mayonnaise at The Fringe at the Joburg Theatre.

The show takes a unique look at the lighter side of being South African, from our everyday fears and pet hates all the way to bloomer panties.

"It's a great time for comedy in South Africa," Schoonraaad says. "There's just so much material.

"Yes, I guess you could say it's a strange and wonderful country we're living in and you have to laugh or else you'd end up crying."

He adds new material to his shows every day: "It's a stand-up show with characters, music, myself as the star and about 14 of my personalities."

Schoonraad is part of Jou Ma Se Comedy Club in Cape Town, which started about 10 years ago and performs every Thursday night at the River Club. He admits that there are lots of differences between performing in Cape Town and Joburg.

Schoonraad likes to point out the differences and similarities between people. But, he says, regardless of creed or colour, there's something that any newcomer to Johannesburg will agree on: "There's just no way to navigate around this city. They've put two big circles of highway around it and renamed the roads in between while people were on them."

But, if there's anyone who should know his way around it is Schoonraad. He is best known as the accidental tourist in the ever popular hit SA TV show Going Nowhere Slowly.

Since he's done so much research travelling around the country we asked him to test some toothbrushes to see what brand he'd be taking on his next trip.

He talks about the Colgate 360 degree toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner: "It has all the grips in the right places and is good to look at."

"The Pick n Pay FlexiHead Oral Care toothbrush looks like the kind my grandma used. It's not great quality. The bristles are too hard."

The Oral B Delcate White 3-Effect toothbrush doesn't impress him either. "It has a comfortable handle, is well made, has a tongue cleaner and the bristles are soft and comfortable.

"It's a pretty average, garden variety, straight down the line, can't-go-wrong toothbrush, but it doesn't have any of the extra gimmicks that sell toothbrushes today."

The Aquafresh 3-way Head toothbrush certainly does impress Schoonraad.

"Man, this is three toothbrushes in one. I think I have a favourite here. This is the Porsche 911 Turbo of toothbrushes.

"I'm sold. We have a winner. This is a skrik-vir-niks toothbrush that is three heads and two shoulders above the rest."


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