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Tsunami demolishes Joubert

By , Magasela | Apr 26, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IT is precisely for this reason we watch boxing but equally the reason we should question the sport we love.

This after witnessing four one-sided rounds of brutality between Sipho Taliwe and Warren Joubert at Wembley Arena on Friday night.

Taliwe did not have to literally destroy Joubert as he did to retain the South African junior lightweight title. All "Tsunami" had to do was put a five-star display to prove to the doubting Thomases that he is the deserving titleholder.

"I had nothing against Warren," he said after his fourth round demolition of the the man he chose for his voluntary defence. "I just wanted to show people that I did not get this title on the platter."

The boy from Aliwal North, who fights under trainers Benny Pailman, Peter Faver and Cliff Martins, spilled blood and guts to dethrone Jasper Seroka on November 6 last year.

Taliwe's face looked like he had been stung by bees after 12 rounds. Last Friday he was twice the fighter he was against Seroka.

"Sipho had not even started to implement our game plan," said Pailman. "We did not even touch Warren's body. I told Sipho to throw double jabs and finish the rhythm with a left hook."

Taliwe's stiff jabs seemed to have broken Joubert's nose in the second round. Blood spilled as if he had been hit by a hand grenade.

Taliwe's head-twisting left hooks dropped Warren in the third round. It was a miscalculation by Joubert and his trainer Nick Durandt to come out for the fourth round.

Taliwe dropped Joubert with a wicked right hook. Joubert did get up but only for the walk back to the dressing room.

His face was distorted, reminiscent of Brian Baronet's after he was bludgeoned by Arthur Mayisela at Sun City on November 2, 1985, in nine rounds

Taliwe improved to 14 KOs in 15 wins with two defeat while Joubert's bubble burst as he tasted defeat after 16 wins.

This fight was presented by promoter Reggie Hilann under the banner of Future Boxing Promotions.


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