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Steamy indaba

By Bongani Magasela | Apr 26, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

SOUTH African professional boxers are tired of being used by trainers, managers and promoters as 'condoms'.

SOUTH African professional boxers are tired of being used by trainers, managers and promoters as 'condoms'.

They issued this stern warning at the boxing convention last weekend.

Male and female fighters almost caused a row by storming the hall where issues affecting boxing were discussed.

They demanded to be heard though they were not included in the agenda.

Phillip "Time Bomb" Ndou took it to the podium where he made it clear that he had been mandated by his colleagues to deliver the list of their demands, which are:

Cancellation of current Boxing SA' s "slavery contracts" ; better purses; best deal with the SA Revenue Service and to be part of negotiations when promoters talk to television houses about broadcast rights.

"We are sick and tired of being undermined," a visibly annoyed Ndou said. "This gathering is about us and our sport, but we are not on the agenda."

"We want government to cancel contracts that do not protect us at all. Promoters breach them by not giving us three fights a year as stipulated, but nothing happens to them," Ndou said.

"When you leave trainers or promoters for others, you are threatened or even taken to court because they can afford it.

"We are sick and tired of being used as "condoms". Promoters, trainers and managers must know that we are chief principals in boxing.

"No deal must be sealed without us. We must be a strong part of each and every negotiation including deals with television stations for broadcast rights.

"BSA must get us a better deal from Sars. This 25 per cent that we are paying is far too much.

"We demand our IRP5s or we handle our own affairs. How are we expected to survive if we are still paid R1000 for four rounds?"

Some trainers, managers and promoters including Ndou's Nick Durandt and Branco Milenkovic could not wait for him to finish - agitation was written all over their faces.


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