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By Patience Bambalele | Apr 13, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE local film industry is booming but it would be a big mistake to regard it as a new development.

THE local film industry is booming but it would be a big mistake to regard it as a new development.

With Nollywood doing well in Nigeria, South Africans are creating their own Joziwood with low-cost local films.

The latest release is Perhaps: The Rich Street Kid and it signals the growth of this industry.

Directed by award-winning producer and creator of Ziyawa-La, Gregory Molale, Perhaps: The Rich Street Kid hit the local shelves on Wednesday.

The film is a gritty, no-holds-barred ghetto epic, beginning with 16-year-old Perhaps, Kentucky (his friend) and Queen (Perhaps's girlfriend) swindling R200000 from Josephine (a flamboyant gay personality).

The film's producer, Thato Monametsi, says: "Perhaps is an awe-inspiring, dangerous tale detailing the rise of a street kid to becoming a drug lord. It's about how he survives on the streets.

The story follows him as he makes a living on the streets of Jozi. There are many events and dramas in his life as he fights for survival.

"But things change when Perhaps and Kentucky are thrown out of a shebeen. This leads to a series of gruesome murders and exorcisms that people will see in the film," Monametsi says.

She says the story delivers its poignant moral message in a comic manner which, in the end, leaves you wondering whether the film has answered the issues or left the viewer to make his own conclusion.

Monametsi points out that the comedy features young talented actors from Soweto.

"Our aim was to uncover acting talent in the townships," she says. "We looked for people who are unknown but have a passion for acting."

Monametsi, who is also a television actress, has been involved in shows such as Rhythm City and Generations.

The film was shot in Soweto and Johannesburg.


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