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Easter groove spelt fun and joy at t he Bank

By unknown | Apr 08, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

EASTER or not, we girls get no sleep on weekends, so we decided to gate-crash an exclusive Jameson party at The Bank in Rosebank.

EASTER or not, we girls get no sleep on weekends, so we decided to gate-crash an exclusive Jameson party at The Bank in Rosebank.

This flashy club has a history of being off the char, plus we know Jameson gigs rock, so we had high hopes for this one.

The event started an hour later than scheduled but our hosts were sweet to serve us cozy drinks in anticipation of the festivities of the night.

As the night progressed Gauteng's young and fabulous invaded the hot nightclub. We spotted Lupi from Metro FM in tight, sexy velvet, trousers, looking energetic.

Wow, those energy drinks do help - oh, this one is so generous, he was seen buying folk buckets of Heineken. Please marry us girls!

By midnight the bar was packed to the rafters, with Jameson definitely rated the drink of the night. Also spotted was rugged former soccer star Steve Lekolea looking lost with his underdressed crew. Their choice of attire made them stick out like sore thumbs.

Also saw Isaac Chokwe with his stunning actress girlfriend Renata Stuurman, looking a bit depressed.

Maybe it's because nobody paid attention to them at this hot gig. Sorry, guys, maybe next time we'll give you some attention.

As it got later, the vibe and energy seemed to peak. In the mix of the fun we spotted Gerry Elsdon and millionaire hubby Kerry at the gig mixing business on a packed dance floor. Guess everyone needs a night out, even millionaires!

You know people enjoy their long weekends when they arrive at a club at 3am.

So, we decided to be bad girls and left this gig sometime after 5am.

Thanks Jameson for a hot party! Oh, and Heineken, thanks for the beer since some of us like it green.

There was some birthday rave going on in the corner, which was also entertaining since the 30-year-old birthday boy was presented with a pink cake with ballerinas.

Guys, go to The Bank as it's bigger, has a huge smoking area for the naughty smokers as well as the nicest, biggest and sexiest bouncers. They were so sweet.

We girls even got one hot bouncer to give us a little private dance as he walked past. And boy, did he shake what his mama gave him in leather trousers.

If you want to see loads of celebs partying up a storm, forget other clubs. Just head for The Bank as they also have the most delicious Jewish men outside Jerusalem.


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