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By Elijar Mushiana | Jan 25, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ANGRY parents in Limpopo have removed their children from a controversial school in reaction to confusing year-end reports.

This was after many reports were discovered by pupils at Ravhuhali High School's dumping site, with results that differed from the ones they had received.

The situation at the school in Matshavhawe village, Nzhelele, outside Thohoyandou, was exposed by Phathutshedzo Tshivhase, 16.

Tshivhase and other pupils received reports last year that they had failed, but early this month they discovered reports at the school's dumping site. These dumped reports indicated that they had passed.

Angry parents have removed their children from the school in reaction to the debacle.

On Friday Maria Khwidzhili went to the school to get a transfer for her daughter Salome because her report was also found in the dump.

"Nevertheless, my daughter is going to repeat Grade 11 at Phiriphiri or Jack Lavhengwa High School outside Thohoyandou. I cannot allow my child to drop out because of confusing reports," Khwidzhili said.

During a Sowetan visit four pupils, whose dumped reports indicated that they had passed Grade 11, were repeating the grade at different schools.

One pupil, who did not want to go back to school, Tshifhiwa Tshiashi, 21, said he did not have to repeat Grade 11 because he had failed four times.

But Tshivhase and Lutendo Tshiambaro are repeating Grade 11 at Ravhuhali High School.

The school's principal, PR Fhedzi, confirmed that some parents had demanded transfers for their children.

"We cannot stop them if they want to leave the school, but we are ready to teach those who are willing to repeat the grade.

"I'm happy because the department has received findings from their investigations," Fhedzi said.

Education department spokesperson Ndo Mangala said officials had found that Tshivhase and other pupils had indeed failed.


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