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villagers isolated

By Michael Sakuneka | Dec 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

DISGRUNTLED GaNtata villagers in Bolobedu, outside Modjadjiskloof, have accused the government of failing to repair two makeshift concrete bridges for the past 15 years.

The residents, under the Greater Letaba municipality, said the bridges linked their area to the outside world.

They said the two bridges on the Molototsi and Motlatswe rivers were erected by the former apartheid government to help local motorists cross to other villages.

Residents spokesperson and local businessman David Mothomogolo said they were forced to use taxis, which used a roundabout route via Femane village to reach other areas.

Mothomogolo said they had unsuccessfully pleaded with various mayors at the Greater Letaba municipality over the past 15 years to have the broken-down bridge rebuilt.

He said the bridge would link the village with other areas such as Seaphole, where there was a clinic and as well as the Mokwakwaila Business Centre.

A temporary bridge structure on the Motlatswe River on the eastern side of the village is used by motorists from the area to Giyani.

Peter Ramakgolo, a taxi marshal at the Mokwakwaila taxi rank, said they had been forced to increase their taxi fares by R1 since they started using the long route to cover fuel expenses.

He said they had increased the fare after reaching an agreement with commuters in the area.

Municipality spokesperson Vyida Rakubu said they would hold discussions with the roads department to ensure that the area was provided with proper bridge structures.


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