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Former Wits SRC President Mcebo Dlamini. Picture Credit: Gallo Images
Reports that Dlamini on hunger strike false

Correctional Services spokesman Manelisi Wolela has denied allegations that student leader Mcebo Dla.


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IT IS becoming increasingly popular for women between the ages of 20 and 35 to take supplements.

IT IS becoming increasingly popular for women between the ages of 20 and 35 to take supplements.

This according to Chomba Chumba, managing director of Vitabiotics South Africa.

He explains that though it is always advisable to eat a healthy diet, obtaining an adequate supply of antioxidants from one's diet alone can be difficult.

Chumba says today's busy women find themselves with little time to eat properly, which leads to their taking supplements.

He recommends supplements to help maintain the hair, skin and nails, immune system, bone health and monthly cycle.

These supplements should sustain energy levels and vitality all year round.

He says vitamin C is essential for keeping the skin supple . Together, vitamins C and E help boost the immune system.

Carotenoids, which are natural protectors found in fruit and vegetables, can also help bolster the skin's resistance to UV damage.

Lymphocytes kill cells that have foreign particles on their surface and stimulate the immune system to combat bacteria and viruses.

Evening primrose oil and starflower oil are plant extracts that act as "internal cosmetics" to protect the skin and hair from the environment.

Chumba says it is important to use evening primrose oil and starflower oil during menstruation.

Looking after the bones is also crucial for women. "Calcium contributes to greater bone strength and optimal bone mineralisation."

Calcium supplements need to be taken separately.

Vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed and vitamin K has positive effects on calcium-binding.

Chumba also advises that supplements be taken with food and water rather than tea or coffee.


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