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Visible traffic policing does reduce deaths

By unknown | Nov 20, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

PLEASE don't let anyone tell us that visible traffic policing does not work.

According to figures released by the KwaZulu-Natal traffic police, 353 people died in that province during the 2006-2007 festive season and 290 people died during the 2007-2008 festive season. This is a reduction of 63 people or 17,84percent.

Many theories will no doubt be presented, but among them there were people working hard when the rest of us were holidaying.

I agree that this type of policing should not be a once or twice a year effort. These figures should be used to promote a year-long campaign.

People behave when they know the law is watching them.

This should be an all-the-time pattern and then maybe we will see a reduction in our 12000 plus annual road death toll.

Councillor Ann Barnes, DA Joburg


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