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he said brit cops were after me

By Dudu Busani | Oct 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

FORMER police commissioner Jackie Selebi allowed convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti access to classified police secrets.

FORMER police commissioner Jackie Selebi allowed convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti access to classified police secrets.

Agliotti revealed in the Johannesburg high court yesterday that he had given Selebi R1million, taken him out on expensive dinners and went on shopping sprees for him, so he could get immunity from arrest.

"I took him and his family shopping," Agliotti said.

"At one time he asked me to buy shoes for former president Thabo Mbeki.

"He wanted a size seven because the former president has short and wide feet. I bought them and put them on my account," he said.

Selebi is on trial on corruption and defeating the ends of justice charges. He was a close friend of Agliotti's.

Agliotti told the court that in 2006 Selebi called him to a meeting at an upmarket Johannesburg restaurant and showed him a document compiled by British Intelligence agents.

"He asked to see me urgently. We met at Masupatsela, where he produced a document and asked me to read it. The document had details of a trip I took to the UK with Clinton Nassif, and another trip I had taken with my daughter to the same country," he said.

"It bore a coat of arms. To the best of my knowledge, it either had HMS or Her Majesty's Customs."

"He then told me I was being monitored by British authorities. But when I asked him for a copy of that document, he said no and departed," said Agliotti.

The document, which is referred to as the UK report, was given to the SAPS by British authorities who suspected that Agliotti was trafficking drugs into their country with assistance from some of its citizens. They wanted to know if South African officials knew Agliotti and Nassif and if they could help them.

"I was never confronted by any South African police regarding the issue of drug trafficking. I was only stopped at Heathrow Airport in London by three officers who asked me how much I was carrying, I told them I had three thousand pounds and that they were welcome to search me, but they just apologised and left," he said. Another classified document that Selebi shared with Agliotti was a report compiled by the National Intelligence Agency, which revealed that Selebi was being paid by the Kebbles.

"He said the report had been given to the president and asked if I knew anything about it or about Jorgen Kogl, whose name appeared in the document.

"I did not, but when I asked the Kebbles they said it was someone they had tried a business venture with but it ended on a sour note. Selebi then demanded a written apology," he said.

The third classified document was an e-mail sent to the Scorpions by PaulO'Sullivan with details of a debriefing session he had with his informer where the Selebi probe was discussed.


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