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Mkhize hails role of churches, asks for more help

By Mhlaba Memela | Jul 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

KWAZULU-NATAL Premier Zweli Mkhize has applauded the churches for encouraging communities to take part peacefully in the last election.

He urged more than 10 000 worshippers from different churches at an event organised by the diocese ofMarianhill Roman Catholic Church at Gleblands Hostel, Durban, yesterday to continue praying for the government.

"We wish to have an active partnership with you to pursue our common objectives in terms of the core values of ubuntu - honesty, integrity, hard work and moral values," Mkhize said.

He said the government wanted to establish a partnership with worshippers to eradicate poverty, hunger, unemployment and homelessness and to provide compassionate care to orphans and those suffering from illnesses such as Aids and TB.

The premier said his government would prioritise rural development, agrarian reform, the creation of decent work and economic growth, fighting crime, education, health and good governance.

"We have programmes relevant to religious organisations and we require support and partnership," he said.

"The first programme is aimed at creating an environment that is conducive to learning for our children. The campaign is based on the saying: your child is my child and my child is your child.

"We call on teachers, school governing bodies, local leaders in communities and especially religious leaders to participate in the campaign."

Mkhize said he hoped to deal with food security by encouraging "one home one garden", a programme the provincial government would launch this Saturday.

"If we all do this we will be increasing food security and access to food among the poorest communities, combating hunger, improving productivity, nutrition and health."


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