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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

Politicians are all selling us a crock

By unknown | Jul 01, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ARE OUR politicians naturally spoilt or have they deceived themselves into thinking they are untouchable demigods who are completely beyond reproach?

ARE OUR politicians naturally spoilt or have they deceived themselves into thinking they are untouchable demigods who are completely beyond reproach?

I cannot help but wonder about this as they continue to find feeble excuses as to why - or how unreasonable - our people are for seeking a better standard of living.

The recent example is the continuing issue of the strike by doctors, who are justifiably dissatisfied with their working conditions - as well their salary packages.

It seems, at least to an infected soul like mine, that our people are simply expected to accept whatever nonsense is dished out to them without question.

And, for some peculiar reason, anyone who criticises or faces up to the government automatically qualifies as an enemy of sorts.

The most idiotic comment came from former Gauteng premier Tokyo Sexwale, who claimed that because the present government was "new" it should not be put pressure on to address long-standing issues that continue to stain our hard-fought-for democracy.

It is also suggested in some quarters that we are not thankful for the sacrifices that some of these former struggle heroes made when we challenge them on bread-and-butter issues.

The government strategy to threaten workers with dismissal and other tough measures is a hard-nosed attitude that won't work.

It is impractical and preposterous - considering our historical background.

The most scandalous aspect of all these backlogs - in terms of service delivery, provision of an efficient health service and payment of a living wage - is generally accepted to be the result of our oppressive history.

Yet it never ceases to amaze me that, when everyone else is free - including those who made all the sacrifices for which we are accused of being ungrateful - are the first to tell us why our people should not demand a better life.

I find it ironic that the very comrades who fought for our freedoms are the one's who are now defending and refusing to demonstrate the purpose - and benefits - of their own sacrifices.

Let me remind them of the simple and naked truth: All of us, in varying degrees and in different ways, fought for these freedoms.

Each and every citizen of this country has a right to healthcare, to a living wage, to better working conditions and there is no need for anyone to apologise for making such demands.

The freedom that our people enjoy today does not belong to a group of individuals, neither does it belong to any political party. It belongs to each and every soul in the country.

I am sick and tired of being made to feel less of a human being simply because I was never arrested for political reasons.

We all bear the indelible marks of oppression.

Our people are not asking for political credentials. All they want is food, shelter, employment, improved working conditions - and the constitutional right to health.

I say give the people what they want.


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