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110% behind Bafana no matter what!

By Linda Moreotsene | Jun 26, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

SO THE moment of truth finally arrived last night for Bafana Bafana and their multitude of fans.

It was self-evident they were the custodians of our national self-respect - and they were to deliver by winning this semifinal clash of the Confederations Cup against Brazil.

But against a foe so scary and intimidating, a certain mentality was imperative for Carlos Santana's charges: don't read their curriculum vitae, do not show them any respect, so said Bafana supporters streaming into Ellis Park Stadium.

The excitement levels and optimism of South Africans had been shot sky high, courtesy of one little guy - the US - who had done the unthinkable the previous night and slain Spain, the world's top-ranked country.

Suddenly, thousands upon thousands of people were not only hoping but positive that Bafana were capable of causing the same kind of upset against Brazil.

True to South African form, an hour-and-a-half before kickoff, Ellis Park was still only sparsely populated - with South Africans no doubt still making their way back from work.

But those were blowing their vuvuzelas for all they were worth, not caring who disapproved.

Brazil supporters took great pleasure in mocking our hopes, making it clear with their posters how puny they considered our hopes of beating their team.

But Bafana fans were not to be outdone - demonstrating not only with a deafening roar when they saw Aaron Mokoena and company trotting onto the field - but by brandishing posters that had messages like: "Bafana, no matter what happens we are behind you 110%."

The formalities were observed, with the respective teams' captains Lucio and Mokoena reading anti-racism messages, in accordance with Fifa policy.

That done, it was time for Bafana to slay the monster and try to cut their piece in the historical pie - no African country has ever beaten Brazil.

Could we be the first?

Time would tell.


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