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Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Catch the thugs behind gold gangs

By unknown | Jun 04, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I LEARNT with horror about the death of 61 illegal miners in an old Welkom gold mine.

I LEARNT with horror about the death of 61 illegal miners in an old Welkom gold mine.

What is even more terrible is that some of these illegal activities are perpetrated by cartels that encourage hungry people to destroy their lives for two-cent coins.

The mine owners cannot go unchallenged in determining the level of security to deter the trespassing that has become a daily occurrence in these areas.

Setting up security measures is not enough because most of the illegal miners are former employees who have been laid off.

Our security force should not only concentrate on catching the actual illegal miners but should trace the consumers of such dirty gains - the cartels themselves - and hit them hard.

The country is facing economic hardship. People would rather engage in life-threatening activities than starve. The government would handle this well if it goes into partnership with the private sector.

The fact that these activities have been going on for so long shows the indifference of mine bosses.

Someone is funding these illegal activities out of greed.

The mine bosses, in partnership with the state, should intensify the toll-free hotline to curb these illegal activities.

Bafana Mkhize, Clermont


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