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Lucky escape for Duma family

By unknown | Mar 16, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Canaan Mdletshe

A family had a narrow escape when a bus smashed into their home in Waybank, outside Pinetown, early on Saturday morning.

"It was about 4am and we were all fast asleep when we heard this bang. A bus had smashed through the house into the garage, where it smashed my car, which then hit another," said Nomusa Duma. "Miraculously no one was injured, though many items were damaged."

Duma said they were shocked to find the bus driver allegedly drunk. "The bottle of liquor was still next to him. He said he did not know how the incident had happened, which is understandable because he was intoxicated."

The front of the house was damaged and the garage was destroyed. Duma said the family received no cooperation at the Pinetown police station and had to "drag the police officer on duty to the scene".

"We phoned the station several times, but they did not arrive. We had to go and fetch them. He was not willing to come, saying that the incident was not an emergency because no one had died.

"I find that ridiculous. Had we not been patient and literally begged him to come he wouldn't have bothered."

Duma was grateful for the way the Thokomala Bus Company's managers handled the incident. "They were very supportive and helped us through the trauma. I want to commend them for showing humanity, and willingness to cooperate. They were excellent and have committed to pay for the damages."


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