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Teachers driven out

By unknown | Mar 10, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Two teachers are lucky to be alive after angry community members, who accused them of stock theft, set their houses on fire yesterday and demanded that they leave the village.

Patrick Mhlanga and his twin brother Sfiso managed to escape unharmed after residents of Marapyane in the KwaMhlanga area of Mpumalanga torched their houses and two cars.

The brothers escaped through the door of one their houses when they heard the chanting crowd approaching. They scaled the fence and ran for their lives.

The community accused the two high school teachers of having a hand in the disappearance of cattle in the area. The village has in recent weeks experienced a high rate of stock theft.

A community leader, Moses Matseke, claimed they had proof that the two men were responsible for the disappearance of cattle. He said the community demanded that they leave the villageimmediately.

Patrick is a teacher at Marapyane's Khamane High School and Sfiso teaches at Matlelerekeng in the Moutse area of Limpopo.

Matseke said the community resolved at a recent tribal gathering that the two brothers be exiled.

"We have on several occasions reported the matter to the police but they failed to take action.

"It was high time we showed them how serious we are about not wanting them in our village," said Matseke.

Several community members, including Matseke, were arrested yesterday. They will appear in the Marapyane periodical court today on charges of arson, said Mmamehlake police spokesperson Constable Hastings Chaane.


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