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art of beating AIDs

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Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

An American Aids activist and artist Daniel Goldstein is in KwaZulu-Natal to showcase the artwork he created out of containers of ARV drugs and injections he has taken in the past 25 years of living with Aids.

Goldstein, of San Francisco in the USA, was diagnosed with HIV in 1984 and through these years he collected the containers of his ARV and the used injections.

He has created a piece of art using the containers and the needles to show how taking his medication has kept him alive all these years.

His artwork is a human body-like shape out of the bottles and the injections sticking at the body-like shape from the head to the toe.

Showcasing his latest masterpiece, a rather scary one, he hopes to change people's lifestyles.

"This piece is one of my pieces of art that gives me hope that soon the world is going to win the fight against Aids," he said.

He said in the 1980s the USA was experiencing the HIV prevalence and stigma similar to what KwaZulu-Natal is experiencing.

Goldstein has come to KwaZulu-Natal to exhibit his artwork at the Aids and art exhibition at the Durban's City Hall.

He uses his talent to change people's social and sexual behaviours.


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