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Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

An orphaned girl who was allegedly abused by her foster mother has been removed by social workers.

Sowetan published the story of the 14-year-old girl last week. She had told the newspaper that she was being forced to wash the soiled panties of 22 children, who go to the crèche, daily before going to school herself.

Her plight was reported to police and social workers.

She has now been removed to a place of safety.

The rescue came at the weekend after the girl had endured abuse at the hands of the foster mother for nearly a year.

The foster mother runs a day care centre on her premises.

The girl's parents died in 2007 and she moved in with her uncle and his wife but was removed after it was discovered that they were abusing her.

A Hammanskraal magistrate's court gave the order for the girl to be placed at the Ebenezer House of Hope in Hammanskraal.

After inspecting the facility, magistrate Mary Swanepoel said she was impressed and that she hoped the girl would feel at home there.

The excited girl said: "I like the place very much.

"It's been a week since I have been here and everyone is so friendly. I am glad that the court has decided that I can stay here permanently."

"I just feel sorry for the children who are still with my former foster mom, they need to be rescued."

The foster mother's alleged abusive tactics came to light after the teachers at the girl's school noticed that something was wrong because she did not look happy.

Bishop Phillip Mogwera of Ebenezer House of Hope told Sowetan yesterday: "She is safe here.

"We have what it takes to make her feel at home and that is exactly how she will feel, at home."

The girl has been registered at a new school in Hammanskraal.


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