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Cell C bill stumps user

By unknown | Feb 18, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A Cell C contract holder almost collapsed when she received a bill for R8891.

A Cell C contract holder almost collapsed when she received a bill for R8891.

Rita Ndumo, of Dobsonville in Soweto, says the account has now escalated to R11358.

Ndumo says she unsuccessfully tried to get an explanation from Cell C as to how she could possibly have called Cointel for three months 24/7?

Cell C has ignored Consumer Line's inquiries and e-mails since November last year.

Ndumo is also concerned that the unfair billing would affect her credit worthiness.

"No sane person can dial a cellphone number continuously for three hours, everyday for three months," says Ndumo.

The itemised bill shows that she made 6896 calls, day and night. All the calls show a zero duration and yet cost R1,75 each.

The 44-page bill for November 2008 shows that at one stage she dialled the number continuously for three hours, which is impossible, Ndumo says.

"This means that I barely slept and made calls for three months all day and all night. My statement shows that I stopped dialling for an hour and then dialled Cointel again continuously from August to October," Ndumo says.

"I thought I made a best choice when I signed up with Cell C, but I now regret it," she says.

Cell C has been investigating the complaint since last November, but would not comment to Consumer Line.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa will investigate the matter.


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