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Mcebo Dlamini appears in court. Picture Credit: Julia Madibogo
#FeesMustFall leader Mcebo Dlamini denied bail

Controversial former University of the Witwatersrand SRC president Mcebo Dlamini was denied bail in .

NPA must appeal ruling by Nicholson

By unknown | Sep 26, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The NPA must appeal Judge Chris Nicholson's judgment in the Jacob Zuma case.

The NPA must appeal Judge Chris Nicholson's judgment in the Jacob Zuma case.

The implications of the judgment and its possibility of setting a precedent in future cases will have far-reaching, detrimental effects on the justice system. The option to appeal to overturn a judgment is not just a mere formality for an accused, but is vital for the perpetual sanitation of the judicial system.

History has proven that judicial decisions can be partly or totally wrong and hence damage the reputation of people and institutions. The right to defend yourself belongs to all, including the NPA.

The NPA, justice minister and the office of the president must regain their dignity after Judge Nicholson's insinuations and negative inferences.

In all Judge Nicholson's convoluted legal jargon, the gist was the NPA's alleged violation of prosecuting procedure. The appeal court must deal with him going off at a tangent and matters that he is not well informed of, such as whether there was political interference or not.

After acknowledging his ignorance on whether there was interference or not, the judge tragically based his judgment on speculation. The country is on the brink of anarchy as a result of this professional recklessness.

South Africans want an end to Zuma's case. The procrastinations and delaying tactics by his defence raise suspicion, not confidence.

Donato Shogwe, Randburg


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