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An African feel on the reusable carry-all does it for fashionista

By unknown | Aug 21, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Designer David Tlale is developing a brand that has a strong sense of style and individuality.

Designer David Tlale is developing a brand that has a strong sense of style and individuality.

Since his world is one of fashion, style, beautiful fabrics, impeccable quality and craftsmanship - and ease of wear - we asked this design aficionado his opinion about the style and practicality of reusable shopping bags.

Which one would he prefer to be seen with?

Clicks produces a fairly durable plastic shopper that is medium-sized but does not have a bottom supporting panel.

It has a bright flower design, pink on one side and orange on the other, and is embellished with a quote on each side.

On the orange side: "Happiness is good health and a bad memory" - Ingrid Bergman.

On the pink side: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful" - Mae West.

Tlale's impressions?

"It seems quite strong, with sturdy glued-on handles, but compared with the others I would say that its life span is pretty short. You could probably only use it four or five times before it breaks, and the quotes are a bit cliched.

"Pick n Pay has really gone the green route with its dedication to the whole environment preservation thing," was his comment about the retailer's offering. "You couldn't go greener than this bag if you tried."

In terms of design, Tlale found the bag a bit boxy, though the detailing was good and the straps very strong and designed to last and withstand heavy loads.

Tlale considered the Woolworths shopping bag a good fashion accessory.

"You can easily fold it up and conceal it in your own bag or, alternatively, you could colour code your outfit to match the bag as they make the bags in so many great bright colours.

"If you feel very creative you could embellish the bag yourself with beads or baubles to make it more personalised and interesting. That's what I would do."

The Checkers bag proved to be his favourite.

"This bag doesn't only speak to me as a fashionista. It speaks to me as an African as well."

The bag is strong, resilient and waterproof.

"You could easily wipe it with a wet cloth and it would look as good as new. The photograph of aloes makes it very appealing to the eye and I like the fact that they've used a recognisably African theme that is very colourful."

The straps are nylon, durable and double stitched on to the reinforced plastic.

"I don't even mind the branding. I think that this bag could be a good addition to anyone's wardrobe.

"I endorse the move to reusable shopping bags because they make people aware of maintaining resources rather than mindlessly throwing stuff away.


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