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Justice Malala

Justice Malala

South Africa woke up to a new and uncertain political era this morning as the party elected Jacob Zuma as its president last night.

The move will most likely throw uncertainty on the presidency of the country.

Zuma is on the verge of being recharged on corruption charges with the possibility that, if he is convicted, he will be forced to step down and not take over the presidency of the country if the ANC wins the 2009 general election.

Kgalema Motlanthe is the party's new deputy president and is the man most likely to take over if Zuma does indeed go to jail. Motlanthe, however, said yesterday that he does not wish to take the country's top job.

Zuma's first challenge will be to unite a fractured ANC which has seen bitter in-fighting and led to scenes of heckling and howling of leaders as happened at conference today.

Further, there is huge uncertainty about the stability of government because many ministers who serve under Mbeki are likely to be kicked out of the national executive committee of party over the next two days.

Party leaders are already focusing on the party's January 8 statement which will give direction to the party for the year. Zuma has already stated that it is style and approach, rather than policy, which will change.

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