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Boycott taxis to discipline them

By unknown | Sep 26, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

So now taxi officials are talking tough. It's about time too.

So now taxi officials are talking tough. It's about time too.

How long have motorists and passengers been begging for some intervention from the bad driving habits of taxi drivers?

If I was to advise the Gauteng taxi registrar, I would tell him not to allow the taxi associations to dictate the rules and restrictions that they are meant to obey.

The first set of rules they should obey are those of the country's constitution, and then the rules of the road that apply to all road users.

Thereafter, there should be negotiation and official enforcement on routes, but taxis should not be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

Routes should not be a source of violence and those that cannot respect the lives of their fellow human beings should have their taxis impounded, as the National Taxi Alliance's Sicelo Mabaso suggested.

We motorists are tired of the flagrant disregard that taxi drivers have for us.

If it is that bad on the outside, one can only imagine how gatvol commuters are.

Perhaps the best way would be to boycott the associations until they learn some manners.

Ann Barnes, Johannesburg


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