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Former Wits SRC President Mcebo Dlamini. Picture Credit: Gallo Images
Reports that Dlamini on hunger strike false

Correctional Services spokesman Manelisi Wolela has denied allegations that student leader Mcebo Dla.

Traditional leaders brace for initiation season

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Khangale Makhado

Khangale Makhado

Traditional leaders in Limpopo have vowed to go the extra mile this winter to ensure this year's initiation season ends without casualties.

As a first step towards improving the situation, the province's traditional leaders have declared "total war" on illegal initiation schools.

Unveiling the province's programme of action in Polokwane yesterday, newly elected chairman of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders Kgoshi Sefogole Makgeru, said traditional leaders would be expected to oversee the legal processes at the initiation schools.

The watchdog process is expected to commence on June 16 and end on July 21.

Makgeru said reported deaths at initiation schools would always be used as a yardstick to gauge their performance. They would also always be viewed with suspicion until they had produced a death-free initiation season.

Of concern, however, was the current public service strike which traditional leaders think will place an extra burden on them by monitoring that the schools are run in accordance with the law.

"Despite the challenges of the absence of public service employees, we are determined to ensure that everything is done to prevent any disturbances," Khosi Munyadziwa Netshimbupfe, vice chairman of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders, said.


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