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Great moves keep folks interested

By unknown | May 28, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Jabulani Tsambo, better known as HHP to legions of hip-hop disciples, started as the underdog at the launch of the Strictly Come Dancing television show on SABC2, but emerged as the front-runner at the end of the evening.

Against all odds, HHP, the hip-hop wunderkind, ended up ahead of the pack during the third season of the glamourous competition show, held at the former Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg last week.

Dancing with Hayley Bennet, HHP was all concentration as he went through their complex routine, but as the dance unfolded, he began to visibly relax and enjoy himself.

HHP is competing against Coca-Cola Popstar winner Thembisile Ntaka, journalist Leslie Mofokeng, athlete Hezekiel Sepeng, singer Patricia Lewis, Eralf Felix of the television nature show 50/50 and Candice Moodley of Eastern Mosaic.

Seasoned Lewis, who kept fiddling during the voice-over recordings, rescued her reputation when she did well on the dance floor.

Celebrity-watcher journalist Mofokeng initially came under fire from those who thought he should not be participating because he is seemingly not a celebrity. Yet the same critics were happy to bequeath celebrity status to radio and television journalists.

Bailing him out, the judges were unanimous that though he started out stiff, he nonetheless oozed talent that has yet to shine through.

Ntaka, though an underdog in the popstar reality competition, continues to blossom and did her best on the dance floor.

Though HHP is in the lead, the jury is still out on who will emerge as the victor this Thursday when viewers start voting for their favourite celebrities.

Last week's show was dominated by television personalities. Where were the other celebrities?

For a couch lesson in quick step, waltz, cha-cha and jive, and an opportunity to keep your favourite on the show, catch Strictly Come Dancing every Thursday night on SABC2 and SMS your vote to 34766.


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