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Sanctions aimed at private plenty

By unknown | May 02, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The world is not fooled about so-called sanctions against Zimbabwe.

The world is not fooled about so-called sanctions against Zimbabwe.

SADC has asked the European Union to drop its sanctions against Zimbabwe.

But the not-so-gullible EU has merely increased sanctions specifically targeted against certain individuals instead. This is because, in spite of what President Robert Mugabe and seemingly some SADC leaders would have us believe, the sanctions are aimed solely at the immense personal wealth Mugabe and his cronies have accumulated for themselves overseas and not at the Zimbabwean people.

Most thinking people are aware of this, but SADC and the other African Union countries refuse to acknowledge the fact.

There is no doubt that the EU and the US donate more in aid to alleviate the plight of the starving people of Zimbabwe, than all of the countries of the AU put together.

The South African government itself appears to do nothing constructive.

That is except to talk and ensure that as many of the desperate starving people who are daily fleeing Zimbabwe are caught and dumped back across the border. What a way to treat these ordinary people, who gave food and shelter to fleeing exiled South Africans during the 1980s.

Frank Hartry, Kingsburgh


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