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Firing racially motivated, man claims

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Khanyisile Nkosi

A Johannesburg man who challenged Standard Bank for unfair dismissal has accused the bank of delay tactics.

Pastor Vusi Sola, of Midrand, said he had been unemployed since June, when the bank fired him for poor performance.

He took the bank to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and won the case.

"The CCMA ruled that my dismissal was unfair, and ordered them to reinstate me and pay me six months backdated salary, amounting to R40686," said Sola.

"The CCMA ruled that they do that no later than December 10 last year, but I am still waiting."

Sola, who is married and has three children, said the bank's decision to appeal the CCMA's ruling was aimed at frustrating him.

"Though they are within their right to do so, I think they deliberately chose that route to frustrate me. They did that after I refused to accept their out-of-court settlement offer," he said.

"They approached me and offered me R90000. When I refused, they increased it to R100000."

Sola said: "I still refused and told them I wanted my job back. They then warned me that the labour court process could take longer than a year. Now they have been delaying the process."

He said the bank was not following up on its application to the labour court.

"They have not even collected the transcribed documents. I have written to their lawyers informing them that the documents have been ready for collection since March 7, but they still have not collected them," he said.

Sola's troubles started in 2004 when he was appointed "team leader: enquiries" at the bank's Braamfontein branch.

"Two weeks after my appointment, my manager told me to step down. She said my appointment was not approved by head office and that I did not have in-house training," he said.

"She said they had appointed me by mistake. When I refused to go they started to frustrate me.

"They never gave me any support and accused me of incompetence without providing proof," said Sola.

He claimed that he was sidelined because he was the only black team leader.

"They would call a meeting and exclude me."

Standard Bank spokesman Erik Larsen said: "Standard Bank is taking the CCMA decision on review and therefore believes it would be inappropriate to comment on Sola's allegations. We are waiting for a labour court hearing date."


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