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Stop the chaos in Merafong now

By unknown | Mar 08, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The continued unrest in Merafong must be attended to immediately.

The continued unrest in Merafong must be attended to immediately.

It started because the community resisted incorporation into North West. It escalated during the local government elections last March. Less than 400 people voted because of intimidation.

Exactly a year later, violence has erupted again. Public facilities have been destroyed, houses have been burnt, school children are unable to learn and people might even lose their lives.

The grievances are valid, but they need to be raised through established legal and constitutional processes.

The incorporation issue has been finalised. Hearings were held and tasks were carried out by the relevant legislature committees.

There is nothing revolutionary about destroying public facilities and creating no-go areas. It is time that the SACP puts matters into perspective and intervenes.

The situation will turn into black-on-black violence by young people, many who do not even know the reasons for the chaos .

In this mayhem there are people who are seeking economic opportunities. Community leaders must stop the destruction of our hard-won freedom.

Refentse MangopeMohlakeng


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