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Bank employees arrested for defrauding customer

By unknown | Jan 31, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Thuli Zungu

Thuli Zungu

Two employees of First National Bank (FNB) have been arrested for defrauding a customer of more than R330000.

Steve Higgins, a spokesman for FNB, said it was alleged that the pair had tried to defraud pensioner Ndoyisile Mfiki.

Higgins said one of the employees had allegedly opened a bank account using a false ID. A fake ATM card was used to transfer funds from Mfiki's account to the fraudulently opened account.

Yesterday Sowetan reported that Mfiki's money was transferred using Internet banking, but Higgins denied this. He said the money from Mfiki's account had been transferred into a fake credit card account at an ATM.

But Sowetan is in possession of a computer printout that shows R188888 and R140000 were transferred online.

Mfiki has been refunded. The money was deposited into his account last night.

He took early retirement in October and cashed in his pension. The lump sum was deposited into his account on December 14.

"Four days after getting an SMS notifying me of the deposit, I withdrew R20000, leaving a balance of R332888," he said.

Ten days later he tried to withdraw R1000 and discovered he had a balance of only R500.

Mfiki approached Sowetanafter FNB told him he would have to wait another three months before it would refund him.


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