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Creating jobs for Eastern Cape

By unknown | Dec 22, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mvuyo Mati

Mvuyo Mati

Eastern Cape has secured a R45billion investment which is expected to create 5000 direct jobs.

In a year-end review of her government's performance, Premier Nosimo Balindlela lauded officials for delivering on key projects which have developed the province into a globally competitive and world-class region.

"Our intention from the start was to ensure that areas with natural advantage are graded up to world standards."

The Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) roll-out phase has been completed with the government securing R25billion for Alcan Aluminum Smelter and R20billion for Seark Mari-Culture Project.

The premier said that Coega and deep-water ports have positioned the western region of Eastern Cape as a key export and transshipment node for the southern hemisphere.

"One must never forget that the province funded both Coega and East London IDZ when everybody was nervous and uncertain about the prospects of the projects," said Balindlela.

She said much smaller projects had secured about R1 billion for medium-scale investments.

"The IDZ strategy has paid off. There is simply no excuse for economic failure on the part of the private sector. Continued success and growth are imminent."

She said government would now turn its attention to the second economy, particularly in the eastern region of the former Transkei, where development had stalled for many years.

She said they expected to attract investments of R60billion and generate 300000 jobs by 2014. About 3000 new jobs were on track in Ugie with the Particle Board Plant construction under way.

Balindlela said Eastern Cape had created 152000 new jobs since 2004.


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