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Marriage plans on the rocks for gay celeb

By unknown | Dec 21, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Prince Chauke

Prince Chauke

A dark cloud is hanging over the marriage plans of gay socialite Amstel Makwane and his Arabian multi-millionaire lover. The two did not tie the knot last month as scheduled.

Amstel was unable to give any indication of a new date for the wedding.

Sources close to the entertainer said the event will never take place.

It seems Amstel has refused to relocate abroad to live with Mohamed Aljumaa.

The couple were engaged earlier this year and their marriage was to have taken place in Johannesburg last month.

A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said yesterday: "There was an agreement between the two that Amstel would relocate overseas after the wedding, but he told Aljumaa that he wanted to stay in this country."

He said Aljumaa had already bought a new house overseas and was prepared to treat Amstel like a queen.

Amstel told Sowetan yesterday he had decided not to relocate because of his music career.

"I can't just wake up in the morning and leave 3Sum. This is a process," he said.

"Mohamed should understand these things. He should know that I'm an entertainer and I built my career here at home. I can't just leave my family, friends and fans. My career comes first.

"Our wedding has been postponed and I'm not sure when it will happen. Maybe next year," he said.

3Sum also includes Koyo Bala and Jeff Moyo.

The group won the best styled award at the Metro FM Music Awards and the social butterfly award at the Duku-Duku awards.


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