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Gay weddings have no place on public television

By unknown | Dec 06, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Our constitution is liberal to the point of undermining our moral values.

Our constitution is liberal to the point of undermining our moral values.

ANC politicians have shown they can go to extremes for political gain. They voted in favour of the Civil Unions Bill so they don't lose voters from the gay and lesbian community.

This is morally wrong and shows the extent of greed and hunger for power of our politicians.

I'm a loyal fan of Isidingoand always make a point not to miss an episode. But I will make sure to miss the episode about the gay wedding.

I would like to call on all self-respecting people, especially Christians, to come out strongly against our soapie being reduced into a pathetic gay parade by people who want to be seen as being politically correct.

Isidingois a family programme. What message are we sending to small kids? What type of society are we creating? Gays are a minority and a show should reflect the views of the majority.

Let's not follow our politicians to hell because they have shown they don't fear God. They steal from the public with impunity and then agree to plea bargaining.

They are not a good example of good Christian conduct.

Let's all come out strongly against that law because the general public was not properly consulted before it was passed.

Khayalethu Mabandla Tshwane


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