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Mugger spirited out of Dobsonville police cells then

By unknown | Nov 15, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

A mugger taken from police cells by the father of his victim was found dead the next day.

Sowetan yesterday learnt that the father took the man from Dobsonville police station in Soweto, where he was being held for robbing a 14-year-old girl of her cellphone.

The 48-year-old father was arrested at his home in Dobsonville, Soweto, on suspicion of murdering the mugger.

Sowetan has learnt that on November 2 the alleged killer's 14-year-old daughter was robbed of her cellphone at Dobsonville shopping centre.

The robber was caught by security guards, who took him to Dobsonville police station.

That afternoon the father went to the police station and asked to see the man accused of robbing his daughter. He left the police station with the prisoner.

That was the last time the police saw the arrested man alive. He was found dead the following day by a passerby who alerted the Mondeor police.

His body lay unidentified in a police mortuary until recently.

Police spokesman Richard Munyai said it was not known how the prisoner had left the police cells in the company of the man now accused of murdering him.


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