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‘UCT is burning’

The University of Cape Town on Tuesday morning confirmed reports that “four cars were set alight at .

Condition on rise globally

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Autism is a complex, and often devastating, lifelong disability.

Autism is a complex, and often devastating, lifelong disability.

It appears to have many origins, including a genetic base that interacts with environmental triggers. This results in disordered brain development and biochemical function.

Research shows that worldwide the prevalence of autism is on the increase and is believed to affect about one in 158 children under the age of six.

Autism is found to occur in four times as many boys as girls and is the most frequently occurring of all childhood neurological disorders.

Because of the many ways in which autism can manifest itself, it is referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder; and there are three main types of autism on the spectrum. These are:

l Kanner or Classic Autism - in addition to the autism, there is also intellectual impairment.

lAsperger Syndrome - sufferers generally have average to above-average intellectual ability, but still have debilitating autistic traits.

l Savant Autism, which affects 6 percent of autism sufferers -there is one almost "superhuman" ability, but the rest of the individual's functioning is adversely affected by autism. - Autism South Africa


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