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Priest shot in suspected Muslim attack

By Sapa-AFP | 2012-12-27 12:28:12.0 | COMMENTS [ 4 ]

The Christmas Day shooting happened as the Catholic priest was returning home from his church

A gunman shot and seriously wounded a Catholic priest late Tuesday in Zanzibar City, capital of the semi-autonomous Tanzanian archipelago, police said.

The Christmas Day shooting happened as Father Ambrose Mkenda was returning home from his church at around 7:45 pm (1645GMT), Zanzibar police spokesman Aziz Juma said.

Mkenda was hit in his arm and chest.

As doctors battled to save his life, members of the Christian minority community gathered at Mnazi-Mmoja Hospital in the old town of Zanzibar.

“The injured priest is the head of the Tomondo Catholic Church and also cashier” Aziz Juma said, adding that it was not immediately clear if the attack had been religiously motivated.

“Investigation continues, but it may be also that the attackers thought the priest had money”, he said, adding that a pistol had been used in the attack.

This is the second attack on a cleric in recent weeks, but the last one, in November, was an acid attack on a Muslim cleric, who was injured on his face and chest.

Zanzibar’s Christian community is a minority there, an estimated 3% of the 1.2 million population, which is almost entirely Muslim.

This latest attack comes few days after unknown people spread leaflets in some streets, calling on the Zanzibar government to release eight jailed Muslim leaders.


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Africa needs to unite and outlaw Islam from Motherland.

2012-12-27 14:34:34.0 | 0 replies

@Skwamasamabele lol how do you outlaw religion over others? what Africa needs is an army to deal with violence associated with not only religion but political violence which affects communities and countries causing many to become refugees, honestly what is the function of the AU kanti?

2012-12-27 17:14:56.0 | 0 replies

This dead religion need to be looked at people are getting killed for the truth for belivin Jesus Christ is God just to defend a prophet who is dead and probably in hell.

2012-12-28 08:39:24.0 | 0 replies

BRA-MAFUTHA- Your comments cause even more strife and divisions. One solution: Ban all religion in Motherland. Go back 250 years, Africa had no religion. White man comes, offer us a bible whilst holding a gun behind his back. We take the bible and begin to read. Whilst we busy reading, white man is off raping, pillaging and plundering our land. When we complain, he tells us Jesus would save us, whilst he continues to steal and occupy our land and our women. White man leaves a legacy of brain dead religious nincompoops, who are busy fighting each other whilst he's enjoying the fruits of his plunder, safely in Europe. His Missionary is complete.

Thats the view of religion in Africa

2012-12-28 12:37:45.0 | 0 replies