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Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Reverend Mpho Tutu on Thursday appealed for Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to be left alone to do her work.


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Yes let her do her work, especially when it comes to chamelion eyes. Her role is there for a very specific reason. Corrupt politicians, we still want to know what the story is in CAR.

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Thuli for President

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umzulu moss usuyabathanda amazulu

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Yah, daz true........The office of public ptrotector should work freely and do itz work.......The ANC want to control the public protector and they want her to protect them instead of the also looks like after 2019,they wont appoint her to continue with that post cost she exposed them a lot

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Madala please shut up we all know that you like publicity.

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He is two faced I have lost respect for him

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This a man of moral , I am not suprised you have lost respect for him because you are respecting immoral people like your president

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Are you really that young and ignorant about the huge debt that we owe Bish Tutu? You don't have to agree with him but being rude is not necessary. I very much doubt your mother brought you up like this.

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The usual gormless jeering from the Sot Brigade. Speak out Arch. Speak out. Maybe you could also look into getting some vandermerwes into bafana. Their Dutch soccer heritage is required.

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Tutu when are you going to retire from the public life? Don't you have grandchildrens to look after

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Havent you got some other place to go look for friends??? We know you are paid to lie around here but its not working out is it. LOL@ VendaLoner

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Zuma must resign first then he will retire

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Nam ndiyatsho, makayekwe u Mam Thuli ayenze umsebenzi wakhe. We are tired of these ANC members who are shielded from their dirty deeds. No, ha ke utlwisise hore ke hobaneng ba sa mo fe monyetla a etse mosebetsi wa hae ntle le tshitiso.

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Wayibetha wayibetha nangesesotho kodwa makayekwe enze umsebenzi wakhe

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She must be allowed to do her job and this is at the risk of her ANC membership-haai but i don't many people being proud to carry the card, the movement bhas degenerated into oblivion. with vultures and hyenas ready to pounce on the last remaining carcass.

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What is this bloody satanist and a sellout Tutu saying?

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You should request him to publish his statements in two verions - one for normal adults and one for 6 year olds.

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Are you bunking school or were you dropped on your head as a child?

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MommaC; do you even have to ask that question? Will it be comprehended?

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Whe the retired arch has to come out of retirement and start defending our democracy then you know we are in deep trouble. Zuma has a rotten touch - to protect his backside he is demolishing everything people like the arch fought for. Shameful

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I hope my bishop doesn't experience buglary again.

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i like this guy

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He is a man you can miss his opinion.

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Does he also reminds you of your father too? Just asking

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konje uyisilima

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The pair applauded Madonsela's courage and called her a woman of integrity who served her country without fear or favour

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Well said nyawontle

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The arch showed the same courage and fearlessness when he was leading the charge against apartheid so he knows what the protector is enduring.

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Ja Archbishop, ZANC is cursed and being run by demons

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Desmond Tutu singing Desmond Tutu, do it like Desmond Tutu

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He is not afraid to tell the truth. Arch tells it as it is.

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The EFF is pushing Bring back our money campaign while DA is pushing Give us tapes campaign , Ayeye Zuma ayeye

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Tutu reminds me of our own madala Robinx,they like to stick their nose in other people's business

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Zuma must just stay in Russia.

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"So what about Nkandla, millions of idiots will still vote the anc comes May 7" Thank God I was not counted at those idiots that voted anc. Root out thieves in the Gov Mme Thuli, write a letter of demand this time around. As for my Commander In Chief, make sure that no oupas, oumas sleep at the parl. I got my full support. WE WANT MONEY, WE WANT MONEY, WE WANT MONEY, WE WANT MONEY.

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