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Madonsela claims attempts to interfere

By Sapa | 2014-08-25 15:26:16.0 | COMMENTS [ 9 ]

There is an attempt to interfere with the public protector, Thuli Madonsela's office said on Monday.

"The Public Protector, advocate Thuli Madonsela, has noted with deep concern the extraordinary and unwarranted attacks on her person and office by the ANC, the office of its Chief Whip in Parliament, one of its alliance partners, and the leader of its women's league following the unfortunate leak and publishing of her confidential letter to President Jacob Zuma," spokeswoman Kgalalelo Masibi said in a statement.

"Her reading of the public statements and comments attributed to these parties is that there is an attempt to interfere with the functioning of her office in violation of Section 181(4) of the Constitution."

She said Madonsela called on the parties to respect the Constitution and allow her to do her job without fear or favour.

Madonsela reportedly wrote to Zuma recently that he was second-guessing the recommendations she made following her investigation into the R246 million spent on security upgrades to his Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, homestead.

In her report, "Secure in Comfort", Madonsela recommended Zuma repay money spent on upgrades not related to security, such as the swimming pool, cattle kraal, amphitheatre, and visitors' centre.

In his 20-page reply to her report, Zuma indicated Police Minister Nathi Nhleko needed to determine if he should repay any of the money spent on security upgrades at the homestead.

In response to Madonsela's leaked letter the African National Congress's Chief Whip Stone Sizani said the public protector should respect Parliament's handling of the Nkandla saga.

He said the report was before Parliament and an ad hoc committee, and that the legality of Madonsela's letter was questionable.

ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa said the letter could be interpreted as undermining the parliamentary process, and its authority to process the matter.

The ANC called on the public protector to stop playing to the gallery and allow other constitutional entities to fulfil their role without interference and undue pressure.

Masibi on Monday said the public protector reiterated that Zuma had not responded to her report or communicated any remedial action. This was despite the presidency claiming he had.

"Nowhere in the purported response of the president to the public protector's report does the document state that it represents his comment on the report.

"In fact, in paragraph 7, the document in question specifically states that it is 'not a critique' of the public protector's report and that it 'offers no comment' on the contents of the public protector's report and that this was not reflective of the fact that the president was accepting the contents," she said.

Madonsela's office said she had indicated that if Zuma had submitted a response to her report, she would leave the evaluation of its adequacy to Parliament.

Nowhere in her letter to the president had Madonsela told Parliament what to do , said Masibi.


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The ANC is clearly undermining the democracy in this country. All to protect ONE man.... the ANC can do better... most voters voted for the ANC and NOT "that" man. ANC do better by the people... at the moment a stereotype is emerging.

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this anc hooligans hae no chance, they have EFF and Thuli to deal with. They must fire their stupid president maybe put mr Buffalo though he have blood in his hands.

2014-08-25 15:37:49.0 | 0 replies


The ANC must go fornicate itself!

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Hahahahahahahahaha Madonsela is really a mosquito to JZ and the ANC. This lady really does nt leave any critisism unattended. She is doing her job perfectly. The ANC is so fustrated to such an extend that they undermine the Constitution. Two bulls in the kraal the other one anciously wanted this mess to go away the other play by the law to finish this matter soft and clear.Just follow the right procedure to deal with this mess and the ANC found it very difficult to do that.Aaag shame ZANC aaag shame

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Now this women is got balls bigger than all those ANC leaders, they are scared to tell Zuma that he is facking up and his corruption tendencies are killing the ANC. Most ANC leaders if not all, are benefitting from this watermellon headed president's corruption and they are keeping quite or rather protect him as he bringwealth to their families.

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I see its voters changing their minds and demanding answers, its going happen soon, my bones say so, Vumanniii boo!!!!

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She handed her report to President Zuma and ordered him to respond to parliament,job done. It matters not how Zuma responded or if she is unsatiesfied with his response, parliament (to which Thuli accounts to) has just started dealing with the matter. The letter she wrote to the president is just a piece of paper to which the president is not bound to attach any value thereof. Thuli's media fame has gone to her head, if she is not pre-occupied with grandstanding, she must take Zuma to court, in that way she would have killed two birds with one stone. 1. She would ensure that the ANC-dominated parliament is forced by a court of law to take action against JZ for the Nkandla overspending. 2. She will ensure that our democratic institutions act in accordance with the law. The problem with Thuli is grandsatnding, each time she buys a new wig she feels the need to call a press conference for South Africans to see her new hairstyle. Thuli and Juju are cut from the same cloth when it comes to grandstanding, though the latter is also a greedy megalomaniac demagogue thieving scum. Thuli's rulings can only be reviewed by a court of law, and it follows logic that when she realizes that her ruling is going to be undermined, she must take both Zuma and parliament to court to enforce her ruling. Many of us, even ANC members, believe that Nkandla spending went over the roof and the state should receive some of the money back. Thuli should just be more sharper and more tactical in dealing with the perennial survivor, Zuma!

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