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Zimbabwean church leader gets 50 year sentence for raping congregants

By Sapa-AP | 2014-02-05 07:34:38.0 | COMMENTS [ 24 ]

Zimbabwean court officials say a church leader has been sentenced to 50 years' imprisonment for raping female congregants, forcing them to engage in sex orgies at his home, and for possessing pornography.

According to court documents viewed Tuesday, Magistrate Hosea Mujaya described Robert Gumbura, leader of RMG Independent End of Time Message, a religious sect, as a "wolf in sheep's skin" who abused his followers' trust.

It is alleged Gumbura coerced the women to perform sex orgies with him threatening to "commit them into Satan's hands" if they refused.

Gumbura, 57, who has 11 wives married under cultural tradition, and 30 children, pleaded not guilty to the charges maintaining the sexual acts were consensual and led to marriage if the women became pregnant, as part of his sect's doctrine.


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Doctrine of devil. {Full of lies, intimidation, abuse, etc}

2014-02-05 07:40:44.0 | 0 replies


You sick bustard, a married pastor with 11 wives having a consensual orgie that might lead to marriage if the woman falls pregnant. Which Zim bible do you read????????? -----"Thy shall not commit adultery"-------- Good riddens, hope you continue with your orgies in prison

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religion is and will continue misleading us

2014-02-05 07:48:31.0 | 0 replies


Yah neh....the drama involving church leaders continues....Magtig! But what puzzles me the most is how 'normal' human beings allow themselves to be misled like this! How on earth do you give someone so much power over your life? From eating grass to performing orgies! Damn! Sickening!!!!!!!!!

2014-02-05 07:59:11.0 | 1 replies


@ Ruralgirl, I tend to ask myself the same question, what possess a person to be misled in such an indecent manner. How on earth will I allow someone to touch my private parts in the name of prayer. People need not take their problems to heart.

2014-02-05 08:27:36.0 | 0 replies


they will make him a woman in prison and he'll have 60 husbands, they'll pump his behind every night.......!

2014-02-05 08:01:55.0 | 0 replies


The charactors in the old testament had many wives, some were even shady men and yet God blessed them, some were killas.

2014-02-05 08:34:02.0 | 1 replies


@ Tabza325is, and your point is ?????

2014-02-05 08:55:44.0 | 0 replies


This is one h0rny mutha!

2014-02-05 08:48:12.0 | 0 replies


@FUZZY-BEAR007, so called holy men in the old testament had many wives, the sh1tty pastor is following those doctrines, is it hard to get your mind around this.

2014-02-05 08:59:00.0 | 1 replies


@ Tabza325is, Not at all. Maybe it was lack of understanding on my part cause when you say "God blessed it" sounded to me as if you are saying, because God blessed the the killas and shaddy characters in the old testament he should be blessed too.. As I said, my mistake

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Our churches these days........some are eating grass just around the conner......whats next?

2014-02-05 08:59:27.0 | 0 replies


were those women so afraid of being" commited to the hands of satan " that they allowed satan to chow them

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the world is in a mess all because of religion, beats me how a sane person can allow to be indoctrinated by one person. the is a church i know in soshanguve where the congregation is told to bring their payslips whens titing. the pastor wants conclusive evidence that they actually donating 10%.

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