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Pretoria Pastor convinces congregation to eat grass

By Sowetanlive | 2014-01-10 09:23:08.0 | COMMENTS [ 247 ]

Rabboni Centre Ministries has become a trending topic on social media after it emerged that the church leader, Pastor Daniel Lesego had reportedly convinced his members to eat grass in order “to get closer to God”.

According to a report on the Christian Post, Lesego explained the ‘grass eating’ by telling the congregation that Jesus had more disciples than the 12 mentioned in the bible adding that they (disciples) had also done new things which were seen as unusual at the time.

"There were many disciples and you don't know others. Let God show you as they were deliberately not revealed in the Bible because God wanted someone to do them, new things. Nathanael was a disciple yet there is no book of Nathanael, what about the miracles, signs and wonders, what about how they them who were not mentioned, taught," Lesego was quoted saying.

"Remember I said when the kingdom comes you will be able to see, hear and understand. They could not welcome or take Him to heart because they could not see. When the Holy Spirit comes you will be able to see. Don't worry when people criticize you because they cannot see the spirit of truth, they could not welcome or understand. We can cause the people to see, if we live on another – the world will know because they will be able to see the body – we are the body of Christ," he reportedly added.

In pictures which have been doing the rounds on the net, church members can be seen laying on the grass and while chewing chunks of it.

In some pictures Lesego is seen literally stepping on the members as he prays for them during a service.

The pictures have caused an uproar with many accusing the Pastor of abusing his power.

“This is disgraceful. You should be ashamed to call yourself a pastor! You're making God and His followers look like idiots!” Godfrey Albertyn wrote on the church’s facebook page.

“Im not saying he is a false prophet or a bad teacher,but on this one o e lathlile straight no question about it,no need for me to search scripture,its just pathetic,u just need logic to c hw rong this is,it just shows that he can make u do anything he wants coz u believe in him more than God,” Naome Ouma Dlamini wrote.

“its just sad to see these stupid and evil churches.. africa wake up.. these pastors are just exploiting you.. stop this need economic development not people telling you to eat grass.. damm this is stupid..,” another Facebook said.

According to the page, the church which is based in Setlogelo in Ga-Rankuwa was established in 2002 by Pastor Lesego who “listened to the word of God and started the ministry.”

COMMENTS [ 247 ]

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@Sag, by the way. The comment you're complaining about was from me. Sorry if it offended you.

2014-01-10 14:24:14.0 | 0 replies

lol, sounds funny. i feel for these people.

2014-01-10 13:21:32.0 | 0 replies


2014-01-10 13:19:55.0 | 0 replies

Someone, is commenting on my name,

2014-01-10 13:19:33.0 | 0 replies

"The taste is in the pudding u stupids"

No, the taste here was in the kikuyu :)

2014-01-10 13:19:21.0 | 0 replies

Why is everyone suprised? Jesus turned water into wine and he fed hundreds with 1 loaf of bread and a sardine.

Those who were there were actually drinking pure water, eating bread crumbs and smelling smoke of a nice cooked sardine...basutha.

hyponis can do wonders if you ask me...look at these poor hypnotised souls
He made those to feed hungry people, meanwhile , the article reports about the Pastor convincing people to eat grass so as to be closer to God. These are two different things

2014-01-10 13:17:12.0 | 0 replies

Don't judge the book by its cover only get the inside of it first or closer or be part the service for one day then u can come and speak from what u saw. U idiots. Just heard then u start commenting on what u never saw and u expect me or ppl to believe u on just a hearsay or just saw a pic. The taste is in the pudding u stupids. Ur stupidity starts here if u don't believe on what I say. Bless u anyway.

2014-01-10 13:17:00.0 | 0 replies

@ Sag

Well said my sister couldn't agree with you more.. As you can see from my name (Saint).. I too share the exact same sentiments as you..

2014-01-10 13:15:26.0 | 0 replies

People are desperate, gullible, naive and ignorant. The problem with them is that they don't go to church to seek the word of God and have a relationship with them. All they want is to hear someone preaching "healing" and "prosperity" only and forget the core part that says "Seek ye first the word of God and All These things shall follow"

People want drive through churches where the pastor tells them if they want to be something then they either have to pay him money or do something because the spirit told him so. Folks should learn to discern between right and wrong.

I don't feel sorry for them because they defend their pastor with scriptures that they have dicided to misinterpret.

The Bible warned us about pastors like this.

2014-01-10 13:13:12.0 | 0 replies


I just read Ezekiel 4. I didn't see anything of people eating grass. I only saw that Ezekiel was to use human excrement as fuel to bake bread, but he pleaded with God. Then instead he was to use cow dung as fuel.
One of the dangers that exist is the way some people intepret bible verses. I remember the argument I had with a certain guy and two ladies who were saying to me they are paying tithes as the scripture says so when I disagreed they went to quote some scriptures about different tithes to the one they are paying..Coming to the topic, why do you need to eat grass to be closer to God?

2014-01-10 13:07:57.0 | 0 replies


Well it worked for good King Nebs - not so?
This really isn't any more (or less) ridiculous than most of the modern religious practices

2014-01-10 13:06:39.0 | 0 replies