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SA drifting from its Constitution, says Prof Ndebele

By Msindisi Fengu | 2012-11-12 07:49:53.0 | COMMENTS [ 17 ]

PROFESSOR Njabulo Ndebele, a former University of Cape Town vice-chancellor and author, has portrayed South Africa as a country lost in a frenzy of self-enrichment and drifting far from its constitutional objectives.

Delivering a memorial lecture for Sister Aidan Quinlan on the 60th anniversary of her death at the East London City Hall on Friday, Ndebele called on people to rise above party politics and not be used by politicians who wanted to remain in power at the communities' expense.

"Have we turned into instruments of other people? There is a danger of putting ourselves in their hands.

"It is national suicide. We kill ourselves out of blind loyalty," Ndebele said.

He said agreeing to be used by politicians was similar to what was done by people who participated in the killing of Sister Quinlan in that they knew what they were doing was wrong but did not want to be seen as being against it.

The Irish nun and medical doctor who was a pillar of the St Peter Claver Convent Catholic Church, was burned to death in her car after being attacked by an angry mob in Duncan Village in 1952.

Some rogue elements in the community turned on her during anti-apartheid unrest.


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Bravo Prof Ndebele , pity that your voice gets lost in the cess pit of corruption and self interest that is the ANC governemnt.

2012-11-12 09:01:36.0 | 0 replies

In the US, the head of the CIA RESIGNED for having an affair...
Spot on Sinude remind me of Shower Head in this Banana republic you rape and get away with it

2012-11-12 16:08:24.0 | 0 replies

skwamasamabele - But we've had MP's and politicians break quite a few laws as set in the constitution. But nothing happens to them. Quite a shocking percentage of ANC NEC members are convicted criminals. So, even if they break these laws on service-delivery and corruption, nothing will happen to them.

In the UK, politicians used government funds for private home renovations. They got caught. They all resigned, and paid the money back.

In South Africa, its a way of life.

in the US, the head of the CIA was caught having an affair. He resigned.

In South Africa, the president sleeps with the daughters of friends, and nothing happens. Moral regeneration se voet.

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Sinudeity (lol), I'm just worried no proper alternative, I wish I could agree with you, but I am always ANC (just like a football team, stuck for life), I hear what you say, they need to be taught a lesson. But I still think an amendment to the Constitution (dealing with corruption, non-delivery of services, mis-governance) is the way forward. Action speaks volumes, than words

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Political rhetoric and the hatemongering that goes with it has always been the source of all evil. It is every politician's best interest to carefully cultivate a flock of sheep so as to elevate themselves into a form of a 'religion'. Its called POWER

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Professor Ndebele, this is so true. One can only hope that the born-frees, since they will be voting for the first time, are not stupid and that they will now add to the voice of reason and vote with their objective minds and not blinded by loyalty.

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skwamasamabele - Thinking you are changing the leadership will not change. Why do you think Jacob isnt accountable to the people? Because his decisions can simply blamed on the entire ANC NEC.

A change of leadership will merely present us with a new face, with the same snakes in the background.

Plenty of alternatives to vote for. Do you honestly think that nobody could govern better than the ANC? Because its been a disaster at this stage.

Nah, the ANC needs to be taught a lesson, it needs to be SCARED into doing the right thing. And that will be achieved at the voting tables.

Vote Christian Democratic Party, United Christian Democratic party or African Christian Democratic Party.

Anything but ANC.

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Prof. Ndebele is right. the drift away from the Constitution should be branded a National Crime against the people who voted in good faith and now the Govt is s**tting on them from a great height. The only problem in SA is there is no alternative to the ANC, thats what the majority feels like, vote DA and we are f**ked, vote IFP and we are all extinct, COPE is a toothless tiger. No party in SA can offer a cast-iron alternative to the ANC. So, solution would be to get rid of the current leadership and replace it with a new leadership, this time alter the Constitution and add: ELECTION WITH RIGHT TO RECALL, and recall every muppet who thinks our country owes them a b**w-job, by stealing our money, and throw them in jail

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Big surprise, eh!

What did y'all think was gonna be the result of the endemic corruption since the early 90's.

Those who now oppose it were thrown off the gravy train so it sounds like sour grapes to me!

The quality of our leadership is gonna deteriorate even further 'till we, like the Russians, live under a dictatorship cloaked behind a toothless Constitution.

History shows that nations always get the government which they deserve and we, here in South Africa, are continuing with all the hated apartheid regime traditions.

the 'plane to Oz leaves daily from OR Tampo...

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In the US, the head of the CIA RESIGNED for having an affair...

Here in South Africa, its the African way.

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Keep on talking, the next thing we going to do is to read about your memorial service. We do see what they are doing but not only do they spend our money on useless things but they also hire Hitman on us who talk

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