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Five life sentences for Sunday Rapist

By Sapa | 2012-09-19 15:26:53.0

He was "a gentleman who was always willing to help, respectful and religious" - mistress to married man who attacked young girls

Convicted murderer and rapist Johannes Jacobus Steyn has been sentenced to serve 5 life terms in prison.

He was found guilty on 33 charges, including murder, in the high court sitting in Alberton on the East Rand yesterday. Judge Sita Kolbe found him guilty on all but four of the 37 charges brought against him. The charges included rape,  sexual assault, kidnapping and attempted sexual assault.

Abductions took place between 2008 and 2011, and the girls were aged between 11 and 18.

Earlier today, the court was told that Steyn is a psychopath.

Clinical psychologist Francois Visser said he believed Steyn lacked remorse and empathy, had poor self-control, and was a pathological liar who lived in a fantasy world.

“He has no regard for others... He is selfish and self-centred,” said Visser.

“He also accepts no responsibility for his actions.” 

Visser said he believed Steyn was not only a danger to society, but also a danger to his wife.

He told the court that in his experience as a psychologist, he had never heard of a rehabilitated psychopath.

Steyn had refused to meet with the psychologist. Therefore, Visser’s report was compiled through information and documents from the police.

'Get rich tell-all book'

A woman who had an extra-marital affair with Steyn, testified that he had started writing a book on his life since his arrest.

She said he hoped to get rich once it was published.

The woman, who cannot be named, read portions of a 23-page letter she had received from him in March while he was in custody.

“Yes, I am guilty... Don’t give this letter to the police,” she read.

In the letter, Steyn said he had engaged in oral sex with 17-year-old teenager Louise de Waal as they drove to his house.

“It wasn’t her first,” he claimed.

The packed courtroom gasped as they heard the details.  

Louise’s mother, Shireen de Waal, cried as she lay on the shoulder of a comforter.

Throughout the letter, Steyn referred to parts of the Bible, quoting scriptures of him being a “new creation”.

He said there was a demon living in him.

Wanted young girls

The court also heard that Louise de Waal was not Steyn’s initial target on the day she was murdered.

In his letter, Steyn claimed that De Waal was too old. His target had been girls between 12 and 14 years who were wearing a “short skirt and had nice legs”.

He said he was distracted and therefore settled for De Waal.

Steyn kidnapped De Waal in October last year as she walked to school.   Her charred remains were found in an abandoned resort in the Maropeng area.

'He was a gentleman with me' - Mistress

Steyn’s former lover said the man who surfaced in the letter was not the man she had known.

“I realised the person I knew before the arrest was a lie... He was a very happy-go-lucky man, a gentleman who was always willing to help, respectful and religious...,” she said.

No forgiveness from Louise's mom

De Waal’s mother said she wished him a billion times more suffering than she experienced.

In a letter to Steyn, she said: “You are the most despicable, disgusting human being... You’ve managed to destroy my life and those of many young girls... You took her life in the most horrible way.” 

Looking in Steyn’s direction, Shireen said she wished he never found peace.

“May you never find peace and forgiveness in the Bible you carry to court... 

“I take pleasure in knowing you’ll never know your son.

“I’ll miss my daughter’s Matric dance, 18th and 21st birthday, her wedding and first baby but my daughter is dead, your son is alive.” 

Previous offender

It was not the first time Steyn had been in trouble with the law because of sexual offences.

It was revealed that during some of his attacks, which took place on Sundays, he was supposed to be performing community service.

He was found guilty on 33 of 37 charges ranging from murder, to culpable homicide, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, and attempted kidnapping.