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Mantashe hits back at Khoza

By Moipone Malefane | 2012-04-04 07:16:52.0 | COMMENTS [ 100 ]

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has ridiculed Nedbank chairman Reuel Khoza, branding him a failed businessman.

Mantashe was reacting to recent statements made by Khoza attacking the ANC leadership.

Mantashe said he tried unsuccessfully to phone Khoza yesterday morning for him to explain his statement.

"Reuel Khoza must sell Nedbank and not venture into something he doesn't know. Wrong platform ... he has failed to sell Nedbank," Mantashe said.

Writing in his Nedbank's latest annual report, which was released on Friday, Khoza warned that South Africa's democracy was under threat from a "strange breed" of political leaders who appear to be incapable of dealing with the demands of modern-day governance and leadership.

Khoza seems to be responding to government's plan to review the judiciary, and to some leaders in the African National Congress who called for the Constitution to be reviewed as it hindered social and economic transformation.

"Our political leadership's moral quotient is degenerating and we are fast losing the checks and balances that are necessary to prevent a recurrence of the past.

"South Africa is widely recognised for its liberal and enlightened Constitution, yet we observe the emergence of a strange breed of leaders who are determined to undermine the rule of law and override the Constitution," Khoza said.

Mantashe advised Khoza to talk about business at Nedbank, not business he did not understand.

COMMENTS [ 100 ]

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Well,I do not condone Mantashe's immature response.However,our constitution is a 'sell-out' document,it does nobody no good.It is more appealing to the white minority than the black majority.It was also a 'compromise' document.We were sold out to the white capitalists by our negotiators at CODESA.

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thembag0206 - Gwede, is that you?

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@Sinudeity- Morning Sorry left the article just came back to read again

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candilious - No sorry needed, you always greet me 1st. Today I beat you :)

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.... and like Gwede you run off at the mouth with insults without even bothering to check on a single fact. HSBC backed out because they wanted complete control of the bank and that included bringing in their own people from overseas to run the bank. It was also at the beginning of all the 'nationalisation' rhetoric which didn't help matters

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Go back to school wena. Look at your previous comment you posted here. It doesn't make sense and has lots of grammatical errors.

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Go back to school wena. Look at your previous comment you posted here. It doesn't make sense and has lots of grammatical errors.

DOM KRAAG is the order of the day with these cats.

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Goop ppl please assist me, Prince Mashele like to say he belongs to Midrand Group , who can explain to me what is this group stand for , Im desperate since I stay in Midrand , is this a group of mad ppl or what , sorry to be out of order

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thembag0206 - Gwede, is that you?

nah i don't think so but Ndhandhazi could be him just read his comments and think.

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What i have seen lately it becomes a problem criticising the government,Mr Mantashe you must remember that Mr Khoza is a South African citizen,he has rights as any South African,u must listen and take notes what other South Africans are saying because they simply love their country don't defend fot the sake of defending.truth hurts hey!!!!!

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Mr Mantashe constructive criticism is a good thing and it might help you as well,don't stoop low

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