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Hubby wipes out kin

By Unathi Obose | 2012-03-30 07:03:51.0 | COMMENTS [ 53 ]

Cheating believed to have prompted the killings

A 25-YEAR-OLD man from Nkanini informal settlement in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, killed his wife, child, sister-in-law and her child and then drank battery acid in an attempt to commit suicide yesterday morning.

Mbongeni Matiti was admitted to hospital after the incident.

The deceased have been identified as:

  • his wife Nwabisa Ndwadwa, 29,
  • his 3-year-old child Usisipho,
  • his sister-in-law Philiswa Ndwandwa, 18, and
  • her 4-year-old child Inganathi.

Neighbours said they heard Nwabisa and her child screaming early yesterday morning.

One resident said: "I was awoken by Nwabisa and her child screaming, asking for forgiveness. I called another neighbour and we went to their house. We tried to open the burglar door but it was locked.

"We then went to the window where we saw Matiti attacking his wife and child with a spade. He then threw the keys through the window and drank battery acid."

The woman said she suspected that the killings were prompted by infidelity between the couple.

"The couple had been fighting since last October when Nwabisa found her husband with another woman in their house when she came back from Eastern Cape. The woman later fell pregnant with her husband's child.

"To pay revenge, Nwabisa also started cheating."

The woman said although the problem was resolved, Nwabisa continued cheating.

"Even last week she went out on Saturday and came back home on Sunday evening. And when Matiti chased her out of the house, she refused."

The woman said she believed Matiti was under the influence of liquor. "When we ultimately opened the house, we found a zol of dagga and a bottle of brandy."

ANC councillor in the area, Andile Lili, described the incident as horrific. "This is not the first incident like this to happen here. Last year a man strangled his child to death but failed to kill his wife," he said.

Western Cape police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the incident and said community members apprehended and handed over the suspect to police.

Traut said it was believed the deceased were asleep when Matiti attacked them. "Three bodies were found in the main bedroom while the fourth was found in the kitchen. A knife and a spade, which we believe were used to commit the murders, were found on the scene," he said.

Matiti was expected to appear in court to face four murder charges after he was discharged from hospital.


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DO NOT!! Think this kind of sickness originated here in Africa with us black Azanians.

This has been going on for many years cases of infanticide and murdering woman just like this all over london england and europe for thousands of years.

This kind of brutal behavior comes from the european neanderthal caveman barbarian they are the ones responsible for this degenerate deplorable behaviour its instinctive to them as a race intrinsically linked to there phenotype and genotype they cannot help it. And now you can see black africans copying the behaviour of europeans and there sickness and this is becouse the europeans have forced themselves viciously in to our country and in to our lives and communities. Now we are liveing and mixing with them in a very sick alliance

Check out the Book by Michael Bradley The Iceman Inheritance.
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ISBN-13: 978-1879831001

This book will give you an A-Z explanation of why europeans do such sickness

2012-03-30 17:47:43.0 | 0 replies

•his sister-in-law Philiswa Ndwandwa, 18, and
•her 4-year-old child Inganathi.
Philiswa started young............. a child at 13/13 *shaking head*

Femicide is really a danger to the female species....... ANWL instead of ranting and raving about decrimilasing hog.osha, this is a real matter of national interest

2012-03-30 10:03:59.0 | 0 replies

Bofebe !!!

2012-03-30 09:56:02.0 | 0 replies

why ge o tlapetse ke bophelo ba gao o sa te polaye alone and leave the innocent kids out of your misery?some people are cowards, you cheat but when the same is done to you then you cry faul

2012-03-30 09:53:48.0 | 0 replies

Even last week she went out on Saturday and came back home on Sunday evening. And when Matiti chased her out of the house, she refused."


what she thought was going to happen when she was doing that, she should have left him period, she gambled with her life now she lost, pity for the kids and her sister though they were faultless in all this.

2012-03-30 09:47:34.0 | 0 replies

25 years to 28? Basadi bagolo ba ba ratana le bana re le teng? sies man!!!! Now one more chao/kuku is gone and will be eaten by worms.

2012-03-30 09:31:31.0 | 0 replies

This man doesn't have balls, he shld have left her & moved on. It was wrong for both of them to cheat though. Sick pathetic man who couldn't satify a woman in bed & k*lled her out of jealousy because the other man was doing a better job than him i guess.

2012-03-30 09:29:11.0 | 0 replies

The thing is, it's easier to save face if you are not in that situation, I remember one night been woken up my an sms been sent to my girlfriend, I nearly kil_led her, I should hav asked this stupid guy to do it for me, and I thought i was the most understanding men in the universe, but woman are the greatest provokers....Helo Tumza

2012-03-30 09:29:11.0 | 0 replies


you are an air head one asks to be k!illed....the man had to ke.ep his p!pi in and not on his w1fe whilst she was in the E.C.....she did not ask for her l!fe to be taken by this we.ak imbec!le......the r!ght th!ng for h3r to do was to l3ave him and not cheat back for reve.nge....cheating does not just!fy any person to go and k!ll.....never has and never ur comment i take it...u will do the same thing to the woman in ur l!fe....i feel sorry for she will lIve in f3ar for the rest of her l! sad.....!

2012-03-30 09:27:11.0 | 0 replies

mara! kante? eish!!!

2012-03-30 09:25:35.0 | 0 replies


In your entire life , please , never, ever try revenge
in my life, i have never revenged and trust me, i have found myself at the receiving end of a cheating partner caught not after or just before but during.
my attitude is to give you a glass of milk and honey with cinnamon and that is what k.ills you.

2012-03-30 09:23:49.0 | 0 replies