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South Africa apologises to Nigeria

By Sapa | 2012-03-08 14:24:38.0 | COMMENTS [ 328 ]

The South African government today apologised to Nigeria for deporting Nigerian nationals accused of trying to enter the country with fake yellow fever certificates.

Department of International Relations deputy minister Ebrahim Ebrahim said the government had sent a letter of apology to the Nigerian government following the deportation of 125 of its citizens .

Last week Friday, the foreign nationals were deported from the OR Tambo International Airport for allegedly being in possession of fake yellow fever vaccine certificates.

The Nigerian government retaliated by deporting 28 South Africans when they arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos on Monday.

“We were the first to not allow Nigerians and it is proper that we apologise and we are not expecting the Nigerian government to apologise to us,” said Ebrahim.  

“We understand the reaction by the Nigerians because they were deported.” 

He could not confirm whether the certificates were in fact fraudulent.

Instead he said the department had decided that senior officials should be consulted by immigration officials at the airport before taking action.

COMMENTS [ 328 ]

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If nigerians SUCCESSFULLY force-feed your children drugs and force them into prostitution and yet it is not as bad here in Nigeria, it then says a lot about your society.

You should be able to ask yourselves why is it easy to do in South Africa but not in Nigeria.

Now you are being obtuse, your countrymen come here and commit crime en-mass and you try to push blame to SA. How old are you dude, are you completely devoid of logical thinking?

2012-03-08 16:53:49.0 | 0 replies

He could have just bunked school today. me thinks not worth the effort. we had some mind opening comments from Nigerians above; one_naija wasnt one of them.

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I think we (as South Africans) are always too quick to become aggressive and push everyone into a stereotyped, neatly labelled box. The Nigerians don't help their cause though. A lot of them seem to actively try to live down to those stereotypes.

As I said in the previous string. There is good and bad in every part of the world. We just seem to have more than our fair share of the 'bad' Nigerians in this part

2012-03-08 17:14:14.0 | 0 replies

Well done SA govt for apologising to Nigeria. I bet some of the vile comments on this site about the apology wouldn't have been posted if it was rendered to the US or UK govt for deporting their citizens (rightly or wrongly). SA govt has displayed real strength here and has shown the way on how Africans can resolve their problems without external interference. SA citizens should stop seeing themselves as 'Afro-Europeans' and start treating other Africans with dignity.

2012-03-08 17:15:47.0 | 0 replies

It is lazy to say one person from one country does so and so and on that basis I will I relate to others.This is why I say most commentators have never left there homelands. I live in the UK and also have visited several European cities with a cosmopolitan population.
It is part of human nature to resent outsiders especially when times are hard but also for a range of other reasons.To a large extent forces of globalization dominate the world and have done for a while now. I suppose apartheid era isolation means that ,mentally ,many SAcans live in a bubble. Reality is foreigners will come to your country to compete with you in all areas and not being able to compete will drive resentment.
It seems SAcans resent foreigners in general NOT just Nigerians but for some reason this resentment is particularly virulent for Black Africans and Nigerians particularly and this is why I came up with the redirected self loathing hypothesis.
I am not aware of any evidence that Nigerians are more criminal than Indians,Russians,Chinese,Mexicans or Brazilians

2012-03-08 17:18:51.0 | 0 replies


What is it with the bloody chip on the shoulder?
I have personally seen German nationals (yes, very very white ones) being turned back because they had been in a yellow fever area and did NOT have a yellow fever inoculation certificate. So stuff you and your inferiority complex !!!

2012-03-08 17:19:33.0 | 0 replies

The apology was the correct thing to do rather than conflate two unrelated issues.

If Nigerian immigration volume in general is a problem this can be addressed in a strategic and focused way.
This is equally true for criminal activity.

Nigeria has not reported Yellow Fever for 20 years and should not require vaccination and so that requirement must be dropped .

Relationships between sovreign nations do not leave room for ambivalence ,either we have one or we don't
In the former case it must be managed with tact and respect.

2012-03-08 17:27:18.0 | 0 replies


Is Nigeria an 'at risk' country for yellow fever?
Does the Nigerian government do enough to ensure that they do not get yellow fever?
Do most countries follow the WHO suggestions as to who requires yellow fever certificates?
Is a yellow fever certificate needed by SA in order for someone from a risk country to travel here?

If the answer to all of the above is yes (which it is)
Then why get a fake yellow fever certificate which probably costs more than the bloody injection does?

2012-03-08 17:32:01.0 | 0 replies

Jajas Queen
Okay, I am fine now, have just consulted with my peeps. The reason for the apology was to appease the Nigerian government as the senators had asked the Federal Government to shut down all South African companies and for an immediate closure of the embassy. We have invested a lot in Nigeria. Lets all relax.
So a few capitalists interests rule over National Pride? For your info. after this show of weakness has happened,these nigerian fraudsters will hold us at ransom looking for yet another excuse to do exactly that.Confisticate all S.A. business interests in Nigeria. Any S.A. business with interests in Nigeria must just read the irrational and reactionary response of that government and know that it may be averted now,but its coming for one reason or another.
I say start planning ahead guys. It fvcken Nigerians you dealing with.Dont get too cosy.
On the other hand,in the not so long run,it would serve our country better if we do the tit for tat thing because our country would be rid of all drug smuggling and scamming Nigerians.Imagine if we also closed their embassy here and sent all their citizens home? I for one,would be clad to contribute towards compesating the companies that lose businesses in Nigeria. As long as our land would be rid of all Nigerians.

2012-03-08 17:32:39.0 | 0 replies


How does it not become a pizzing contest with these kind of comments being thrown around? You gotta admit, it is hard to keep the decent Nigerians we have met in mind when this fool is spouting this kind of nonsense. He gives the entire country a bad name

2012-03-08 17:04:46.0 | 0 replies

Mr Ebrahim ibrahim, you are fired. You dont qualify to nullify the work well done within the protocols and policiies of the country to please the whinging countries. That is totally unacceptable and unproffessional , it equates to the national betrayal sentencing.
If the employees who carried out such good jobs, they fail to do so in future acting to the best of our national interest, you will blame them as incompetent and unproffessional , who guided you to arrive to such unsolicited decesion.
Spot on Sgubhu. Who exactly took that decision to apologise on our behalf? As usual they saw no need to inform us on the reasons for taking that decision.Just like with many other things like the Tolls and so on. Thats how much we are taken for granted by our own people once they think they have arrived. Ek is so foken die moer in ek is somaar lus om iemand se te skop man. nxa.

2012-03-08 17:03:40.0 | 0 replies