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'Shortage of space puts pressure on Afrikaans schools'

AfriForum on Wednesday said the inadequate capacity at schools “would be exploited and pressure woul.

Durban navy base to reopen in piracy fight

By Sapa | 2012-02-27 09:48:59.0 | COMMENTS [ 14 ]

THE government is to consider re-opening the former SA naval base on Salisbury Island in the Durban harbour, Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said

"South Africa has signed a pact with Tanzania and Mozambique that will see the three countries working together in securing the territorial waters while ensuring the free flow of goods for economic development of the SADC and African continent as a whole," she said.

The SANDF over the past week had hosted the SADC standing maritime committee (SMC) meeting in Durban aimed at promoting peace and prosperity through maritime military co-operation .

"As South Africa, through the SANDF, we remain committed with our resources to keep our seas secured from piracy," Sisulu said.

The summit " proposed that perhaps we should move our operations to the island of Salisbury".

"The [earlier] decision that we had taken was that we were going to reopen our bases in Durban."

These had been closed as a cost-cutting exercise and moved to Simon's Town.

"That was before we became involved in operations that were intended to deter piracy. . we've had to restructure the way that we are deployed around South Africa.

"The main problem we are experiencing right now is the Indian Ocean, and it will not make sense to be operating from Simon's Town to try and deter piracy in the Indian Ocean."


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You people ar such a bunch of confused idiots. You cancel this because it was used by the apartheid system. You reinstate it because you did not calculate the outcome of it. look at the ranks of the police, you changed them and now they are using the old insignia again.

I hope you did not eliminate The Special Task Force (Taakmag). If they still exist I hope you did not lighten the training method. I haven't heard about them in a long time.

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Yes Madam you are correct but can you please give reasons why it was closed before. I supported the other comments relating to you as "a bunch of idiots" because you only speak before you think then the money to correct your stupid ideas comes from the pockets of tax payers including your own SOLDIERS you still resist to increase their SALARIES, shame upon you.

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"It takes a certain mindset to be the sharp end of the stick "

That's what I am scared of :)

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It is very likely that we already have as the army seems to practice a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

No matter what their sexual orientation anybody who can do the job properly would be welcomed.

It would be interesting to see how many gays are actively engaged in combat operations in the various armies around the world

It takes a certain mindset to be the sharp end of the stick

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@Abdulla-Saleeh: Fully!

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I don’t know about now but in the sadf period the mere mention of their name would have made these so called pirates run back home
I believe you. One day our government will send gays to war. A scary thought :(

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First things first
Bravo to the SANDF, for the way that you dealt with the prying photographers and reporters. Let us be honest, they are not concerned about the health of our beloved father, but in persue of profit in terms of who breaks the story first. Bloody vultures?

By the way, Madam Sisulu, what informed the decision to make Naval Base Durban, a satellite unit in the first place and now, its back to square one? The way things change.

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The STF is alive and kicking although many of its older members have been poached by private security contactors here and overseas. I have three friends who were part of it, one is know a body guard for a well known businessman, the other has been invited to join the hawks and the last is still a member

In this instance they should use the South African Special Forces Brigade (popularly known as Recces)

I don’t know about now but in the sadf period the mere mention of their name would have made these so called pirates run back home

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Magogo o wantlatsa yong! ga nka mokereya!

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