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Could Mgqumeni have returned from grave?

By Staff Reporter | 2012-02-06 07:16:50.0

KWAZULU-NATAL police are expected to release DNA and fingerprint test results of a man claiming to be maskandi musician Khulekani "Mgqumeni" Khumalo, who was buried two years ago.

Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Mdunge told Sunday World that the man's DNA results would be released tomorrow. The police had also taken his fingerprints to verify his identity.

The results will determine whether the police should apply in the high court for an exhumation of the body thought was that of Khumalo.

Over the past days the traditional music scene and community have been shocked by the claims.

Since he made the claim the village, Nquthu in Nkandla, Kwazulu-Natal, has been visited by crowds who wanted to see the "resurrected Mgqumeni."

Yesterday the man met thousands of fans who came to see if their beloved Mgqumeni was really alive. Social networks were also abuzz over the weekend, with many dismissing him as a fake.

The man apparently appeared at his family homestead a week ago shocking family members.

Details as to where the "live" Mgqumeni had been for the past two years are still a mystery.

Khumalo died after a long illness. He had released his fifth album, Magic, in 2008 and it sold 78000 copies within a month of its release.

He was also the producer and composer of other successful maskandi groups that included Amagcokama, Ithwasa Lami, Abakwethu and Idlamanzi.