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Corruption is crippling South Africa

By Sapa and Sowetan LIVE | 2011-03-16 13:26:20.0 | COMMENTS [ 35 ]

South Africa is on the verge of joining the ranks of dysfunctional states as the effects of corruption debilitate all spheres of life

This is according to Sipho Pityana, the chairman of a constitutional watchdog group called the Council  for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC).

“In the changing circumstances of our times, a conservative assault on the Constitution from some of the most powerful in our society threatens to fatally undermine our capacity to overcome poverty and inequality,” Pityana said.

“It is now beyond doubt that corruption and patronage are so pervasive, rampant and crippling in our society that we are on the verge of being deemed a dysfunctional state.”   

Pityana said a study by CASAC had found three potentially crippling legal and institutional weaknesses in South Africa:

  • A lack of effective monitoring and enforcement agencies,
  • No institution with a clear mandate to drive educational campaigns on corruption and
  • No “true” independence for organisations tasked with  fighting corruption.

CASAC, he said, was proposing “a dedicated, independent agency”  that would be responsible and accountable for the investigation of corrupt activities alongside “pro-active preventive measures” such as education of the public.

Pityana said the agency would need significant political support  to ensure that it was well funded.

“If there is truly no political will to address corruption, no mechanism existing or proposed can succeed,” he said.

  • Who is Sipho Pityana?

A former government DG of Foreign Affairs and Labour as well as a businessman holding positions at institutions like Izingwe Capital and Nedcor, he originally hails from New Brighton in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape. Pityana assists the youth and through the Izingwe Foundation, he has donated to the development of his alma mater, Charles Duna Primary School. He shares his life with his wife Nkulie and sons, Mtha and Zukisa, both in their 20s.  Ref: Who's Who and The Herald


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That agency will never be independant until the fat cats are out of office, we need to remove them first and the opportunity is presenting itself in a few months.

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sabc - what they don't realise is what you see in the movies and TV is not the lifestyle in the West. That's just in the movies.

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@B4LES. You are right - civil society is beginning to protest more and more. JZ yesterday said SA will never have a general uprising because we hace Ch 9 institutions to look after the interests of citizens, but it is clear that the ANC government has contempt for such institutions. The Scorpions were disbanded when they started to make life difficult for those in power and replaced by the Hawks. This lot are intimidating the Public Protector when she makes a finding of impropriety against the Police Chief.

This beautiful and economic powerhouse country is firmly on the road to ruin with the Pirates of Polokwane in charge.

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"Corruption is crippling South Africa" and that my friends is sole achievement of the zumanc. Imagine if he gets second term in office, how many of his corrupt Indians friends will be in our pockets? Khulubuse will simply explode from all the fat.

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This is not the first time reading the exact words you posted,in another blogg,didn't have time to commend you for your explicit analysis, was consumed with what I wanted to post and debating. Yes the downfall of South Africa is caused by its people who vote on race,not what they want,because if what they voted is what they wanted,tthey wouldn't be complaining everytime after elections.Thanx Jackie keep on the good work

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It is not that South Africa is going to end like.... it is already in a process of ending,The does n't begin with the end,the end is a gradual process,just like the begining.,we are ending,its just a matter of time.

I couldn't have said it better,after the last term of Zuma,we age expecting a very old man to take over,Monthlante.How old will he be then?


These thugs who run our country won't stop been corrupt,you are the one who is suppose to stop them.But every election you keep them in power to continue where they left of 5yrs ago. If you vote a party in power,you're just saying,well done guys you did very well last year and that year before,continue.We who vote these hyenas,are the. one who are sending SA to its grave.


Baby you're right they are the worst thiefs you can come across

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In democracy there is what we call a vote of protest,vote do not stop voting because you stop voting,you are not counted,the only people who will be counted will be those who voted,and that will put the ANC where it is today.I ask you to please vote,do a vote protest,vote any party,but to make a statement I recommend you vote the party that has more seats as the opposition,simply DA.

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How many institutions are they going to establish? After a while they will close this one as well because it will be investigating the top dogs. Same as scorpions.

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This is so SAD! Trevor Manuel is busy playing "unqualified journalist" and "Idiot" instead of doing what they promised when they spent our money setting up a new department! Hay suka I'm tired of politicians and their chronic lies syndrome!

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