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Gordhan's application politically motivated

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has questioned the timing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal .

Sliced, spliced and enticed

By Zenoyise Madikwa | 2010-12-20 10:33:57.0 | COMMENTS [ 399 ]

THIS has been a dramatic year in Celebville, with some couples hooking up and others breaking up. Sowetan takes a look at the biggest celebrity get-togethers and break-ups of the year.

  • Happily ever after is certainly not how VUYO MBULI and SAVITA ended this year.

Two children and 15 years after tying the knot, the couple has to explain to their kids why they're getting divorced. How sad.

The couple's relationship has been in tatters since last November when Mbuli was caught with another man's girlfriend at her house in the south of Jozi. How very sad I am for both of them.

  • They were on - then off. Then on - then off again. OSKIDO and TINA finally called it a day for good in May after it was discovered that Oskido had been philandering. We hope this break-up is for good ...
  • Former Springbok hero JOOST VAN DER WESTHUIZEN and his celebrity wife AMOR VITTONE split up in May after a sex-and-drugs video featuring the former rugby player having a private moment.

After vehement denials Van der Westhuizen finally admitted in his biography, released late last year, that it was indeed him in the 29-minute video enjoying oral sex and sniffing white powder.

  • Married women everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when the news broke that KHANYI MBAU and her sugar daddy THEUNIS CROUS had split.

The duo's break-up was one of the most scandalous events of the year. Between aggressive remarks and court cases, their falling out caused a frenzy across the country.

Good riddance.

  • Another couple that bit the dust this year was Malaika star BONGANI NCHANG and his wife of three years NTHABISENG. Reports are that he is having multiple relationships. I reserve my comments.


In one of the weirdest twists of fate, after TINA DLANGWANA broke up with OSKIDO she hooked up with playboy PROSPER MKWAIWA, who ran to her arms after being dumped by Kelly Khumalo. Prosper has found his match!

  • SIMPHIWE DANA is in love with HESSEL POLE. The lucky chap is an American. We are so happy for them.
  • ZANELE MBOKAZI has just hooked up with PASTOR MPENDULO. We hope he is for real. We are not hating, not at all.
  • UDO CARELSE and ANDILE GAELESIWE reunited in August this year after the couple had divorced in 2007.

Now they are back together in each other's arms.

  • Generations actress SOPHIE NDABA "found love" in the arms of singer of the duo Oh My Gosh, TSHEPO "LAGOSH" MASHILE. Rumour has it that this is just a staged relationship because she is in a serious relationship with a controversial businessman.
  • General BHEKI CELE said "I do" to his bride THEMBEKA NGCOBO this year at an exclusive South Coast resort.

He was married to another Ngcobo. Something tells me that this Ngcobo will last.

COMMENTS [ 399 ]

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Ok my sweety, I was just trying my luck. You know what they say "know, you will be let in". Babes you are more than a year without being drilled. Babes to me that is starvation. But anyway that's what you want and you have no idea what you are missing in me. lol

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@qalingo i am not sure if it has veins, but since there is no heart i guess not... "THERE IS NO BONE"
@catty88 good luck...

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@Mthimbana you only have one forbiden fruit and one life i don't see a point on wasting it on every fool i met especially when thats all he wants.So maybe i will never meet the one but i would like to take my chance and let him find me in good condition.

@clivage sweety uyazigulela lamntu mnyeke khasithi makahambe elala ngoku uyazisola.

@Molamu yes see it as my Xmas present to you.

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